Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Transfers, Teaching, and Lotsa Service

Sister Orr helping to load/unload luggage on transfer day


i am staying in federal way! sister westover is leaving me though! so sad! i have not been closer to a companion yet! she gets to go to lake sawyer and live in the lake house though.  i am so happy to stay here though! we have a lot going on! my new companion is named sister northrup. i dont know her. but i will in a few hours!

we had exchanges this week and i got to go with sister baxter! which was good cause it was the last time isaw her before she went home yesterday! miracles happen on exchanges and it was sure true this time around! we found so many people to teach! my favorite being a girl named kristine who just wants so badly to know her purpose in life!

we also the day before met a guy named nate who seemed semi intyerested and said we could come back the next day. when we came back his girlfriend, cheyanne, opened the door and she just felt the spirit so strong tell her to let us in! she has such an intune relationship with God its incredible and understands what we are teaching! i am so excited to teach her more!

a couple days ago we met a girl named regina. we were walking by on the way to Nicoles house, and she was sitting out on the steps and we started talking to her. she is so friendly and sweet. we told her we were from the church of jesus christ of latter day saints and taught a little about the restoration and we asked her what she believed about christ. and she said "dont judge me but i really like what the mormons have to say about all that." so then we explained that we ARE mormons and she got excited and wants to learn more! so we are planning on teaching her tonight! yay!

we got to do some good service this week! at libby/ the davis's house we helped them build a fireplace/ media center they bought from home depot. also we got to scoop kitty litter cause they all have bad backs and they have 7 cats and 7 huge litter boxes. so that was grand.

...and last night we went and deep cleaned gina (the elders investigator's) kitchen. that was fun!

and the other day we were tracting and saw a lady packing boxes in to a moving van. so we helped her load those for a while and i thought she was like 21 or 22 the whole time. it turned out she is an insanely tall and mature 12 year old! she is 5' 11! her name is ayla! we had an awesome conversation with her about the restoration. like all of her extended family are members of the church!

i dont know when nicole and janiah will be baptized. soon i hope! they are just not making the time for lessons very much. so probably not this weekend :(

i got a mini book of mormon at deseret book when we went. yall should get them. they have a guide to the scriptures kind of like a bible dictionary but i like it better!

sorry for the lack of letters to my siblings! i have not written like any one at all since christmas i think. so yes i will be getting back into that!

institute sounds way fun! im quite jealous. that was one of my favorite parts of being in the ysa wards!

have an incerdible week!! i love you! 

LOVE erin :)

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