Friday, January 22, 2016

New Release Date !?!?

(Regarding her new release date -- a week later -- June 13th now) Yeah I found out a few days ago I think. I think its because English speaking missionaries are going to the MTC for three weeks now, they are changing it up. Sounds good to me! 
You were correct that I didn't have pday yesterday (clearly). And next week it will be on Tuesday too cause we are going to the TEMPLE! And the next week is transfers. So yes, Tuesdays for a while!
(Regarding plans for Jared's wedding this summer) So, are we all going to McKinney and Houston this summer? (The answer is yes!) I would be quite stoked! Also for chipotle! I haven't had that in so long! Haha!
I was like deathly sick all week. Now im just a little sniffley, so thats good! Oh my goodness have you ever heard of nasal irrigation? (Yep, but clearly I never had Erin try it growing up) That was president's suggestion. So gross. So gross. But I did it. And Musinex and a weird sleeping with wet socks trick that dosen't work that someone swore by. The saddest thing happened the other night. I woke up cause I couldn't breathe cause there was tons of gunk in my throat so I got a water bottle and I just laid in bed gargling it and trying to clear my throat out. (don't worry my comp sleeps through everything) but I finally fell asleep and I still had my water bottle in my hand and it spilled all over me and so I just tried to sleep through it but that didn't work out, so I got up, changed and went back to sleep. Twas an eventful night.
Yesterday was a good MLK day. We helped move all this stuff in and out of our investigator, Florence's house. It was way fun! She kept trying to give us tons of stuff.  We escaped with only like 12 scarves, a wonder woman cup, and scuba gear. (What??) Then our phone had been super weird and brokeish so we switched it out for a new one and then we had to get an oil change and then we finally got to teach! It has been a really busy week! We have been blessed with a lot of teaching opportunities!

Janiah and Nicole are still on date to get baptized on the 30th and they have both developed really fast personal testimonies! Which is very cool. We just have to meet with them enough to teach them the rest of the lessons before then! Which might be a struggle.
We taught Anoinette and Christina both for the first time this week. Christina is from sudan and is friends with a member and told her that she wants to start coming to our church so that was great!

Anoinette is the "daughter" of a lady who ordered a bible off of and wasn't interested in learning more, but Anoinette is! We had a good lesson. She has the cutest boys ever!

We saw Linda this week and we are going to dinner with her and a member next week. So that will be good to get her out of her house!

(Referring to pics that I sent to her of the girls playing in our new backyard with our new beautiful view) Those pics are so pretty! Thanks for sending them! I am so tired! Still getting better. I'm probably going to sleep all day.
Love you much! 
Sister Erin Orr

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