Sunday, January 10, 2016

Awesome things happening in the Federal Way Ward! 1/4/2016

Sister Orr and Sister Westover - Winter 2015/216 - Federal Way Ward

hey mamma dear!

so that lady that i said we were going to teach and baptize committed to baptism! woot woot! for the 30th. she has been flakey like the whole time we have known her. so it might be a process getting her there. but we will!

our new years was also anti climatic. they sent us home to plan for 3 hours that night while everyone was out partying. hah! so we slept for new years...

we also started teaching the sister of a lady who was baptized about 4 years ago and she committed to be baptized the 30th too! she really likes the church already and her kids love it! she has a daughter who is nine who we are hoping to teach and baptize the same day too. Crazy prayers and fasts are happening for this family!!

i dont know if yall have read the talk "Lord I Believe" by elder Holland. but its way good. one of my new faves!

also we started teaching a part member family, the duponts. they are cool and have alot of questions. they agreeed to take the lessons and pray and act. they are looking for a church:)

also our bishop has been working with a lady named debbie for a long time. i wonder if jared ever met her. she is so funny! and has had alot of things happen in her life. but has an insane testimony and understanding of the gospel! so we are teaching her now too:) we get to see her tonight!

i had a couple cool prayer experiences this week!

one was monday night when i asked Heavenly Father about china. i was expecting to pray and fast for a while but my answer came clear as day right then and there: YES! 
i think that he didntwant me to take my mind off the work so much so he wanted to quickly make sure i KNEW, and i do. is there, do you think still a chance of me getting in? i would seriously love to!

another prayer experience was saturday night before bed. i had opened my fast right after dinner but i felt like i was dying of thirst. i wanted water so bad! so i decided to ask Heavenly Father if it was ok that i close my fast for now and open it back up in the morning so i could drink some water. i clearly got the impression to pray for strength. i did NOT want that to be the answer. and i debated taking that advice for what felt like 20 minutes but was probably 3. i finally decided that this was an opportunity to build trust in my Savior and in myself. so i prayed for strength. and i still wanted water so insanely bad but i had willpower. i didnt drink water. i had the ability to resist the urge. it was quite cool i must say.

this week we have been showing everyone the "look not behind thee" video on or mormonchannel. its way good! its about new years:)

i still cant believe yall have chickens. good luck unpacking! and leading the music! just wave your hand back and forth. thats what i do. no one has complained yet:)

welp thats all i have to say about that.

have a great week!!

i love , i love, i love you.

LOVe erin

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