Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Missions = Great Friendships

hey mamma:)
I'm so happy!!!! that yall got to meet hermana peacock this week! i so miss her! she is just a great person/ friend.  (one of Erin's past mission buddies came to see us this week and we had such a great visit!)
and yes that was sister cahan's house. (sister tegerdines sister)! her husband got called to be the bishop last week. i forgot to mention that! and they are way excited to be fellowship for everyone! they have already invited our investigator and us over for dinner next week. and had a less active family over to teach them how to make tortillas this past week. they are great people.
speaking of great people. we were talking to libby last night and she said she will move to utah in about a year when her lease is up. so me and her and sister westover can hang out all the time:) its so hard to teach her when i just want to talk about everything and be friends with her all the time! haha. she is honestly the coolest person probably ever. she has 6 black belts and has done pretty much everything people can do. she has starred in plays and camped in the mountains for months at a time and taught english in brazil and jim carey has thrown her in the pool twice.  she has SO many cool stories. we constantly have to be getting back on track in the lesson because like everything we say, she has an insane experience that relates.
poor bob! hasnt she had knee probs for a while? those stink! (speaking of Aubri's continual knee problems) we are running about a mile every morning. its cold as heck! but the best thing is getting to watch the sunrise against the silhouette of the huge pine trees. i love it!
we didnt get to do that everyday this week because sister westover got all sick. it was quite sad.we had to stay inside. she got an awesome blessing though. and the othere sisters (ketchum and baxter) took mercy on me and we split a couple times so i could go out and teach and serve and stuff. sister ketchum has torn up her ankle anyway so she stayed with sister westover and it was a good break for both of us!
i took pride in never getting sick until yesterday my nose got progressively more stuffy and my throat and ears got progressively more scratchy. and basically i didn't sleep last night so that was a bummer. im doing anything i can to get rid of this thing! vapor rub, essential oils, vitamin c, colloidal silver, i put hydrogen peroxide in my ears. that was weird.  anyways. this thing will NOT keep me inside anymore!
we did service for gina again this week and she came to church and brought her mom this time. she is way cool. she asked for a blessing. and both she and her mom got one. the spirit was way strong and she felt it!
also sister callahan came to an arp meeting and church this week! her son is a nutcase.  he is 5 her runs around and yells and screams and has no shame. he was up on the stand running around on the choir seats during the sacrament! his poor mom! but she stuck it out and people were way kind and loving toward her! she is an awesome lady! all she wants is to be baptized and have a forever family! we are working on it:)
ok i LOVE corrine! im so happy her and em are roommates! she is one of my favorite people!
we taught a girl on the street yesterday named Anastasia and she has the best questions! she is concerned with her ability to receive and recognize answers from god but what we said made a lot of sense to her. thanks to the spirit:) it was great!
i have been craving sushi forever. im glad it didnt kill you #anythingispossibleifyoujustbelieve 
welp. have a GREAT day!
I LOVE you!!
Sister Erin Orr

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