Monday, June 6, 2016

Well, this is it. Last letter from Sister Erin Orr

Hey mom :)

your letter made me get all teary in the library for the last time :)

this week has been great! we went to the Family History discovery center by the temple with Omar and he LOVED it! he got so excited about family history and i think he really felt the spirit at the temple. he is just so diligent in studying and making changes and wanting to know truth. i love teaching him! it should always be this easy!

we also taught teresa and randy again. teresa committed to be baptized on july 9! if we dont have anything maybe i can come back for that weekend? i just love these people so much! she is so cute and genuine! she always has snacks set up for us when we get there and she just has so much love and the ward too loves her so much already! everyone is so excited that she decided to be baptized! Her husband passed the sacrament for the first time this past Sunday which made me so happy!

also my new favorite song is this instrumental one called "redeemer" i think, by paul cardall. i have listened to it over and over on a cd we found in the car. you should check it out.

we also taught tatiana again. she is such a hippie. i love it. hah she said she has been doing an ancient practice called sun gazing to de- calcify her galnds. haha basically this girl stares at the sun and thinks we are brainwashed into thinking it is bad. she is so funny! we had a good lesson with her about the book of mormon and brought the YW president so that should be good! she is going to yw this week!

also miracle! we finally taught this lady christina this week! this is what i told president about it in my email:  on Christmas eve i met a lady named Christina who was just great and willing to learn as we tried to teach her though, things always seemed to come up so we stopped trying after a month or two. but we ran into her this week and she just told us that in all the short interactions we have had with her over the last several months she has felt the spirit and wants to seriously learn whatever we have to say. and this time as we have began teaching her there have not been such problems setting times or actually sitting down for lessons. that is one cool thing about staying in an area for a while! i got to witness the Lord preparing a soul!

also will yall pray for Kathy Arop to feel Heavenly Fathers love this week? she is in deep need.

i cannot believe your crazy saturday! i hope you took a good nap yesterday!

i forgot to mention a less active lady we have been teaching came to church yesterday for the first time in so many years and bore her testimony! that was so sweet! we went over for dinner with heer visiting teachers and thier families and had a big barbeque

i am just so grateful to get to be part of the lives of all these great people and to bet to be a tool my Heavenly Fathers hands in bringing them to the savior and to eternal joy! i love that not only do i get to meet and love so many people but i can do so much for them because of Jesus Christ. He has offered them and everyone everything! i am grateful to be the messenger! this past 19 month has been crazy and happy and emotional and tiring yet energizing. i am excited to be on the member missionary side of the work i am grateful to have learned how stinking valuable member missionaries are and to get to set goals to continue becoming something. 

Thanks for all these letters mom and the packages and the love i could not have done it without you! youre the best!

i guess my next weekly update will be delivered in person!

im glad bobs ging to efy! hope she has fun! school here dosent get out for 2 more weeks! insane!

welp enjoy your next 7 days without me right next to you! your not going to get that again for a while:)

LOVE sister erin orr

Sunday, June 5, 2016

T-2 weeks

Hey mamma dear!

thats kind of insane that Skyler (Winsor) is MARRIED! and so fun that Amanda (Burdick) and Brayden (McFadden) and the ryan kid that i don't know are all going to the same mission! so fun!

i hope chair shopping is treating you well!

Omar had to wean off coffee but he completely stopped yesterday and is ready to be baptized on the 25th! (investigators have to be living the word of wisdom for three weeks before they are baptized). he just rocks. we are going to the temple/ family history discovery center with him tomorrow hopefully! the 25th is going to be the best day i think:) we taught him the law of chastity and about temples and family history this week. we have been teaching at the home of a young couple in our ward and they are becoming great friends which is the best! he was listening to the CDs of the book of mormon but decided he would get more out of it by actually reading, even though i thought he was retaining really well. he has read like 14 chapters in 3 days! this guy is just so humble. its awesome.

we also taught this lady, Teresa this week who is amazing. her husband was taught in another ward and moved to our ward right before he was baptized like a month ago. she has been coming to church and asking great questions and we have built a great relationship with her. since the elders had been teaching her husband the "new member lessons" we all figured they would teach them both. but she wanted us to teach her so she invited us over for dinner and a lesson this week which was awesome. she is an amazing lady who has been through so stinkin much but now she is so humble and just wants to follow Christ and learn. i love that she just asked to be taught! she has so many great questions. and her husband is bomb. he got the gospel library app and not only studies the book of mormon everyday but whatever else he can find so that he can be a involved supportive member of the church. we get to teach her tonight im way excited!

we also taught this 17 year old girl, tatiana this week. this girl is deep she is a total hippie and just way into philosophy and energy and chokras and things like that and tries to relate it to the gospel. which when we are trying to teach simply, it makes it kind of difficult. but she is way cool and we are trying! she has been through alot too. 

we also met a ton of new people this week. we walked almost everywhere this week instead of driving which lead to a LOT of new potentials! we seriously walked so many miles its crazy!

for sister northrups bithday last week we did luch with some other sisters which was way fun! also we went to the beach and we found like a nest or something of so many baby crabs! they were so cute and we just kept finding more and more under rocks so that was fun!

we also went to a funeral for christinas husbands dad. basically a Sudanese funeral is everyone gathers at a home and they take turns standing and sharing condolances and singing and such. we went to support the husband which i think actually really softened his heart towards us. oh also i forgot to mention, no one was speaking english. it was all dinka. people kept stopping and saying. so sorry you cant innderstand us. we speak in our language. they were all super sweet and sincere. we definitly stuck out being two little white girls in a house very full of very dark sudanese people :) 

also yesterday we had a fun experience. we went to try our potential, Leslie and as we got there she was about to go fishing. she said to just get in the car and we can teach her and fish at the same time. so we did :) we didn't catch anything but she understood what the importance of our message was! and we will get to teach her again. haha that was new one for me!

our 5th sunday lesson went well! they cut it short cause the decided to set apart the new elders quorum presidency and high priest group leaders in front of everybody. do they usually do that? anyways it was good! im excited about our new ward mission plan! and other people are too so we are happy about that!

welp i hope you have the best 14 days before i can hug your eyes out of your head!

LOVE erin