Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Christmas in Federal Way

Sister Orr and Sister Westover - Christmas 2015 - Federal Way Ward

Hey Mamma!

I don't think i thanked you profusely enough for the gifts! i seriously LOVE them! thanks for all the thought and love and such that went into that! i seriously wanted to send you all seahawks socks or something. because i fell like that is the most representative thing of this area of the world. but even socks are like $15 a pair. TOO expensive! any ways yes. oh and ill try to send you pics of outfits from christmas.

Happy 25th ANNIVERSARY! i cant believe our fam is 25 years old! we are like grown ups now. crazy. hope yall do something fun!

emily did ask me about china. and i would LOVE to! i will for sure have to pray about it! but i honestly would be so happy to go:)

tonight we are teaching a lady who has bailed on us a few times but when we do talk to her she seems really prepared. i guess actions speak louder than words though right/ anyways pray for linda brown. i think if we can teach her tonight she will be baptized in the next couple months!

i guess this letters going to be short cause i told you practically everything on chirstmas.

we tried to see todd again last night and we knocked on his door and he told us he was sleeping. so i think thats the end of todd. :( 

we found bomb potentials this week! i think thanks to dads specific prayer!:) we met a girl named bunjee and christina and antionette and ray and ken. and another kid who i can remember his name but it starts with a k. and they are all way solid! we get to teach them this week! they can be in your prayers too please :)

have fun with brittney! pull some pranks. play some games. :)

I'm glad that me and princess kate are on the same wavelength. she is pretty cool i think.  (this has to do with a conversation we had about her current haircut)

we also get to teach this girl jenny tonight that according to the elders is way prepared and she is a family of 5! so that is what we are looking for!

i love teaching people about the gospel its awesome.

the night before christmas eve we were tracting and it was the last house of the night before we were going home and we found these 2 sisters in their apartment setting up thier christmas tree and they let us come in and share with them the message of the restoration. and the spirit was way strong there! we invited them to be baptized and one said yes if she had truly studied and come to know it was true. she actually didn't live there she lives in california but she gave me her email. so we can keep in touch. she leaves new years so in the next couple days we will bring her a book of mormon:) and get her reffered to the missionaries where she lives.

have a grand old day!

LOVE you!

sister Erin Orr

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