Sunday, December 6, 2015

Native American Thanksgiving and Libby's Baptism :)

P-Day Trip to the Beach

Hey mamma:)

I GOT YOUR PACKAGE! it was awesome! i have been doing bobs biggest loser workout this week! hah its great! and i quite loved the turkey! did you pinterest that?

on Tuesday night we got to go to the discovery center in was SO COOL! so much to learn! and it made me way grateful for all the family history work you and grandma and others have done! cause i got to see a bunch! there is one in salt lake! yall should definitely go! its just fun! we took libby and did research on her adopted family. her biological family is still a mystery!

we had a lesson with a Russian family who are insanely cute except for when you bring up the book of Mormon. then the cute stops and the insane yelling and crazy begins. it went on for a while until we said we didn't want to argue . then all of a sudden they were cute again because they dint want to come off as argumentative:) we asked if we could leave them with a prayer and they had mentioning their ability to speak in tongues the whole time so i really wanted to give the prayer but they insisted and for the first time in my life i heard a prayer "spoken in tongues". it was interesting. i hope they come to the nativity this weekend! they are really a cute family!

thanksgiving morning we had games with half the mission! we played basketball and volleyball and yoga and rummikub:) and clue and some of us girls had a danceparty to the Nashville tribute missionary cd, it was grand! there were only some minor injuries! then we went home and took a nap and planned for next week for 3 hours. then we went to thanksgiving which was was native american. all of it! i liked the guacamole! i ate a WHOLE lot of guac. i filled up on that as much as i could:) afterwards we got to decorate their CHRISTMAS TREE! that made me so happy! and then we went to libbys baptismal interview which was fun!

the next day we had left over thanksgiving food at someone elses house. it was deep south thanksgiving. louisiana stuff. it was not normal but it was way good! most of it:) 

earlier in the week a few different ward members called us to say libby was having a very hard day and that we should go spend some time with her. we brought over those chocolate covered pretzels you sent and some crackers and snickers from halloweeen. and also the restoration movie and we had a gospel centered girls night. it was my favorite!

YESTERDAY libby got baptized. she is so awesome. she bore her testimony and it was so sincere!i have never been to a more spirit filled baptism. it was incredible.

when we were filling the font we had gone a third of the way up and hadnt even turbned on the cold water yet and we realized the water was freezing. apparently the water heater for the building had been shut off so we called bishop to turn it back on cause he had the key. luckily he was still in the building doing tithing settlement. SO ha came and fixed it and we poured hot water the rest of the time. libby said when she was baptised the top of the water was way hot and the botttom was absolutly freezing. ooops! 

welp! i love you so much! thanks for being my favorite mom! talk to you in 26 days!

LOVE sister Erin Orr

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