Wednesday, December 23, 2015

The BEST kind of suprises (a.k.a. miracles)

The BEST thing ever happened this week! Sister Eaton texted to inform me that LESLIE OSBORN from Maple Valley was getting baptized and that I was supposed to give a talk on the Holy Ghost! I didn't stop thinking about it all week! Sister Baxter didn't get to teach her but since we found her together I made her come with me so our companions worked in Fed Way while we went up to Maple Valley :) It was such a sweet baptism! Leslie has a lot of medical problems and has a hard time moving around at all. So there were TWO men in the font with her which I had never seen before. One to baptize and one to assist. She had a hard time bending back but it all worked out and she was baptized and then confirmed the next day! My old investigator Andrew was there so that was good!  Usually a couple missionaries teach the restoration while the baptizee is getting dressed. But apparently they weren't expecting non-members to be there so they hadn't told any one to do that. But, since some showed up, right after the baptism a missionary asked me and Sister Baxter to do it. So we jumped up and did and then I had to get right back up and give a talk. So that was adrenaline. I still don't like talking in front of people. Do you remember 100 years ago when you taught us kids a lesson about how we would have to go to the jungle and live there for a year and if we survived we would get a million dollars or something like that but we would have the huge advantage of having a guide to help us? Well I used it in my talk. It was cool because I was having a hard time writing my talk and I was praying about what I needed to include or experiences I could tell and that lesson popped in to my mind and I had totally forgot about that thing! Twas a miracle I tell ya!

We had our ward Christmas party this week! That was fun! A LOT of people came. A lady named Gina that we did some service for earlier in the week came with her family and then we invited her to church and she came! woot woot!  We have a companionship goal to find a family of 5 to teach and baptize, so we are on the hunt and we are trying to do what it takes to see that kind of miracle. We went to dinner with a lady last night who was telling us about her friend who had come to the ward Christmas party with her and that she is way prepared! AND that she is married with 3 kids! So we are excited about that and she is inviting them to church and to meet with us this week! Pray for that! I sure as heck am! We have also been meeting a lot more families as we have been praying about this! It's awesome!

Last night we knocked on this guys door and he came out and talked to us forever. He is way cool and we tried to keep it gospel focused and that was a challenge.  But the only reason I bring this up is that I thought it was so funny. We just showed up on this guys porch and he tells us everything about himself. EVERYTHING. Like that he found out his dad wasn't his real dad at age 15 and that that was hard on him. How he and his wife met. That his sister is a recovering addict. That his wife's cousin gave her baby up for adoption and the kid is of age but hasn't contacted her yet. How he hates his job and the radio and loves Eminem. He told us about the neighborhood and that thieves are posing as vacuum salesmen and that Bobby Orr is pretty much the greatest person to ever live and why. He told us a lot about how much he loved his wife and daughters and how they annoy him so much. At the end of this like 2 hour conversation he finale told us that his name was Jesse. Anyways. That story had not a lot of point I just thought it was funny how much life detail someone would give to a couple girls who showed up on the porch :) So there you have a ton of information about a potential investigator.

Another kind of miracle. So Sister Westover's tooth has been killing and I happened to notice the sign for a dentist and recognized it as the guys name who worked on Sister Dolan's teeth for free. So we walked in and he said to come back the next day and he would fix it free of charge and he did! I got to watch. She had a giant cavity! So anyways, yeah, total miracle that I remembered the dentist's name from like months ago. He was way cool.

Let's see... a shirtless sophomore kid hugged me while I was testifying about prayer...I'm pretty sure he was not listening.... :)

So, on CHRISTMAS I will be at a family's house from 12 to 3 my time, so I think that's 1 to 4 your time. Is it cool if I just call you somewhere in there? Probably towards the end? And we can skype? It will probably actually be skype and not facetime this time. We can work it out:)

Welp, I love ya and I am way excited for Friday!  Talk to ya then! 

LOVE Sister Erin Orr

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