Sunday, December 6, 2015

The Miracle of the Salmon

Happy thanksgiving:):)!!!

sounds like a crazy week! i hope thanksgiving is fun! what movie are you going to see? kids tell us about movies all the time. i feel quite up to date on whats out right now:)

so what i know about my thanksgiving thus far is that i will be having "native american" thanksgiving which involves rabbit stew so that should be interesting. but i'm excited! IN the field, missionaries all meet up thanksgiving morning and play basketball and volleyball and board games and such so im excited for that. i have had serious game playing withdrawls on my mission.

so libby is still on to be baptized this Saturday. she is incredible. do you remember i told you she is a martial artist. she showed us a video of her somersault kicking a girl in the face. haha! i think its on youtube as something like " girl vs. girl insane knockout kick" you should find it!

i got your package! it is WAY cute! i already ate all the minute muffins. they were So good and weird. and i super love the neclace! its my favorite part! and the journal!

we have been looking for service EVERYwhere this week. but people just keep calling us to get the elders number for service. i guess thats the struggle with having elders in the ward. a lady did let us throw away her pumpkins. so that happened. took about 14 seconds.

we had an awesome zone conference this week all about prayer here is part of my letter to president Eaton cause i dont super want to type it again:)

So one major thing I am trying to apply from zone conference is being specific in prayer. I know that by doing so I will increase my faith to see miracles and also allow God to grant us more blessings! In the bible dictionary definition of prayer, this is what has I think stuck with me most, is when it says "The object of prayer is not to change the will of God but to secure for ourselves and for others blessings that God is already willing to grant but that are made conditional on our asking for them." not asking specific questions is living beneath our privilege! this week i prayed for the discernment to know if the former we were about to see was ready to receive the Gospel and be baptized yet. as we were saying goodbye after an awesome interaction with her and after we had set up a return appointment, she hugged me and whispered "He knows I'm ready." i took that as a specific answer to my specific question and am grateful with the clarity of mind it gives me and my companion going forward about teaching this sister! 

this lady's name is Linda Brown and she is awesome! i am so excited to teach her.

another prayer miracle this week is yesterday we went to this ladys house and she made us salmon. and thats pretty much all she made us so i had no other option to fill up on. i prayed that i could eat it. and the first few bites were literally awful. (not her fault, its just salmon) but after those first few bites the salmon became bearable! i think Heavenly father wanted me to exercise the faith by taking those first few awful bites, that i knew He could help me. kind of like moses had to take those first few steps into the red sea before he was given the power to part it (my experience was a slightly smaller scale of miracle, but still one!). faith is a principle of action AND power.

k one chirstmas thing of which desire is the mini scriptures set. that would be awesome!

LOVE you!!

Sister Erin Orr

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