Monday, February 29, 2016

Happy March!!!

Hello mamma dear! how are you??

this week has gone by so fast but so many things happened! I seriously just love this ward and the people that we are working with and everything involving present circumstances!

so Janiah the 9 year old was going to be baptized this coming Saturday but we are pushing it back a week because of a funeral so we are going to have 2 baptisms next Saturday on the 12th. so that will be a fun day! i am stoked!

Janiahs' family is from Louisiana and they are like the best sassy black family in the world. one funny moment was when we were over teaching Janiah and they had a friend over named Tabeaclyanna. haha and every time she said her name me and Sister Northrup were trying so hard not to laugh. anyway this girl was being loud and distracting. and then Janiah just brakes out in rage and goes "GET OUT!"  and her little sister goes "you don't have ta holla at her." ha! we just busted up! it was great! i love their family! all the kids LOVE primary songs so we turn on sing along videos on their wiiU and do that every time. they love it!

we also taught them and a couple other people the law of chastity this week. lots of that lesson!

we had another flushing hard drugs down the toilet ceremony with our investigator. those are always grand!

we are still teaching our Sudanese family who are just amazing! they fed us african food this week which was fun. it was pretty good! it was like soup over a mash-potatoey dish and they all just ate it with their hands. if they eat that with their hands I'm pretty sure there is nothing they would ever use utensils for. luckily they gave me a spoon! and they taught me some words in dinka! also their african friend was over last night and i introduced myself and he looked at the 18 year old, Kathy, and goes "she is sister whore?". and kathy just face palmed and was so embarrassed. he decided to call me sister "arrrrr" since he cant pronounce my name.

the past couple times we have taught the mom, Christina, we have brought a lady with a one year old baby and both times she has decided to breastfeed him in the middle of our lesson with nothing covering her at all. i never imagined so much nudity involved in sharing the gospel but hey, Christina didn't care!

Adriene fall off the face of the earth but ran into her this week by a miracle! she says they have had a LOT of family problems in the past few weeks but she still wants to learn and join! poor lady! we are just happy shes not avoiding/ dropping us!

thats rocks that y'all are having people over and such! one thing that i have seriously learned throughout my mission is the importance of being an example of the believer in word on conversation in charity in spirit in faith and in purity. most of the people we are teaching are all progressing and have gotten as far as they have gotten. the role of member missionaries in this work is of far greater importance than people realize. be a friend. share what it is that has blessed your life so insanely (aka the gospel of Jesus Christ). its not complicated even though satan makes it seem like it is. talk to the people around you. we have no right to withhold this happy as heck message!

learn it. live it. share it. thats the motto.

another thing we did this week was spend a significant amount of time helping an old lady named 
Rita move into a senior living facility. good thing me and Sister Northrup are buff cause she had a lot of really big and heavy stuff to fit into her hotel room sized apartment!

Your cakes and cookies look amazing! Have fun with all the wedding and cake and chickens and house selling things going on around there!

love you soso much!

Sister Erin Orr

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