Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Teaching and Baptisms

hey mom!

this week has been great! we are getting ready for the baptisms! still a lot to do but everyone is getting prepped! so they are on! thats exciting! Janiah brought her cute friend to church yesterday and invited her to her baptism. she is pumped! so are we! 

we taught cheyanne again this week and had such a great lesson. and it was about the law of chastity! who would have guessed that would ever be one of my favorite lessons?! but honestly. it was so good! she has 1.5 kids and is living with her boyfriend so we were thinking she has got to get married or get out or she cant get baptized. we were teaching more towards marriage since she has been with him for 8 years and they have the kids. but she said that she was really grateful for this lesson and that she has felt that god has been telling her to leave for a long time (her boyfriend is way bad news) and that hearing this commandment gave her the strength to even consider actually acting on these promptings! so that is in the works now. the spirit was way strong! on saturday we went to her baby shower at a buffet. they had the best cheesecake! :)

also this week the best thing happened! we had met this girl bree last week and mentioned that the everyone seemed to have construction shirts like the one she was wearing and that it was a total washington thing and we wanted one. when we stopped by this week she was like hold on. and came back with the shirts! it was so cute! so now we have bomb construction shirts. also even better news is that we taught her and her husband! they are awesome and they understood the need for the priesthood and the necessity of it! and they said if the come to know its true they will be baptized! i love them! they are named bree and tim.

us and a ton of people dropped everything and helped an old lady move into and apartment. we had the job of unloading the truck while others moved the stuff to the 5th floor. literally we got to a certain point of the truck and it was just a wall of  boxes of yarn, all the way back. so much stinking yarn. 

we taught our sudanese friend christina and we asked her if she has gotten answers to her prayers about what we have been teaching. she said yes. and that it came as she was watching some random african movie. all of a sudden a commercial came on talking about the book of mormon saying you can pray to know if its true, she said she thought to herself "i do know its true". and took that as her answer! how crazy! the lord works in mysterious ways! we have been talking to her and her daughter about the temple and family history and they are way excited to see the temple! so we are planning on doing a trip to the Bellevue discovery center. woo woot!

also we were teaching a lady named corrina and when we showed up she and sterling (her son) were about to go across the street to the park. so we went over and talked about the gospel/ swinged on some swings. and she told us she had met a guy earlier that day who lived down the street and they had been talking about the gospel. she invited him to come and we eventually taught him about the restoration and he wants to be baptized! so that was way good!

oh also president and sister eaton came and did comp study with us! they told us that this had been the rainiest washington winter on record! and i can attest! it has been rainy!

have yall gotten any china info? specifically where we would be? its making me a little nervous that i might not be able to get to a church very often. a lot nervous actually. do you think i could call and ask?

love you sososso much! 

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