Monday, March 14, 2016

3 months from today she'll be in our arms!! :)

Sweet Janiah's baptism day :)

The Federal Way Zone

hey mom!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! are y'all doing anything fun?? wedding pics look way fun! i cannot believe Kaylee and Tyler have a baby!! what??

Glad the girls got my letter this time! Is Bob anymore wanting to go to efy?

The baptisms were great! We got kind of nervous cause when we first showed up they were having a huge stake pinewood derby scout thing that took up the whole church and was super loud! We then learned then somebody did not actually reserve the church for the baptism. So that was somewhat stressful. We just went ahead and filled up the font anyway! By the time the first baptism was supposed to start the scouts were pretty much done so that was good! Yvette's baptism was great. A lot of ward support and went way smoothly! The spirit was really sweet! She had to get dunked a couple times because of her hair floating the first time. Sister Westover got to come up from Puyallup so that was fun to see her! Yvette is samoan so her fam doesn't do things small! they had all kinds of food that was way good and way not american! There was bright red hot dogs that were bomb! And these spam and rice teriyaki rolls! It was fun!

Then we got things ready for the next baptism. While we were doing that Janiah's aunt - who is the member/ driver of the family said she was sick and couldn't make it so the kids and Janiah's mom would need a ride! We were a little frantic for a minute but soon Yolanda (the aunt) decided she could still come. When she showed up her face was way swollen. She is such s trooper! That was a sweet baptism as well! Janiah got a little nervous and her little brother told her to just let him do it. hah! She was all good and happy after she came out of the water:) We got to the church at like 10 am and didn't leave till 5. It was an all day thing!

The next day Yvette got confirmed. Janiah did not. Her aunt took some meds when she got home from the baptism and didn't wake up till 1/2 way through church! So nuts! So she will be getting confirmed next week :)

I decided daylight savings is good for missionary work! People usually aren't as bugged when we are knocking on their door and its still light outside!

We had another bomb lesson with Bree and Tim this week! We brought another couple from the ward and they loved each other. Tim said when we left last week they realized they had been looking for answers to problems and finding direction in their lives and decided it wasn't a coincidence we showed up when we did! He told us about a time 5 years ago when he was a truck stop fueling up at like 4 am. He said no one was there but all of a sudden an old man walked up from a car he had not seen previously and said "it looks like you need some help" and handed him a Book of Mormon! He said the man walked away and left right after that! He said for the next few days he kept asking himself and others "do i need help?" 

Mom, last week I bought amazing cheese that i have been putting on everything! It's gouda spiced with jalapeno, habenero, and chipotle peppers. I made bomb tacos with this stuff! I also made spicy indian mango chicken tacos with nectarine in it. Mom. It was so good!

Cheyanne's boyfriend went to jail over the weekend but apparently he keeps telling her over the phone that he wants to turn his life around and that he is done messing around and that he wants to sit in on our lessons now and start supporting her and learning himself! So thats good news! First lesson with him is tomorrow!

The new easter vid is out at! It's pretty dang good!

I love you mamma! I hope you have the best birthday! 

Oh and thanks for getting me hooked up to go to church in china!

Love you!!

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