Wednesday, March 23, 2016

So close!!

The beautiful sisters of the Federal Way Zone

Hah! I cannot believe you were at the church!  (Erin's referring to mine and Garret's secret visit to Seattle where we accidentally found ourselves right outside of a church where Erin was meeting inside)

Yeah President and Sister Eaton came to my district meeting on Tuesday and then they were leaving and president goes "we are off to meet some people" and then he just looks at me and I'm like "" and then he was like "do you know who?" and he's like " we are going to have lunch with your parents".  And I just laughed! And seriously I was 80% sure you were stalking me all week! I was fully anticipating seeing you guys! So funny! Thanks so much for all that fruit and juice and wasabi ranch snap peas! That's the best! I wonder which Elders you talked to! What did they look like? I bet the lake you walked around in Maple Valley was Lake Wilderness! I ran there every morning! (It was!)

This week has been awesome! On Wednesday, we had a training on studying which was pretty cool!

And we got to go to the Family History Discovery Center again with Kathy (the black girl from the pic) and Sister Bellessa came with us! Kathy loved the temple so much and never wanted to leave! She said she can picture herself getting married there! I just love all of those people! She and her mom are getting baptized this coming Saturday so we are prepping for that! They are amazing! 

Sister Northrup, Sister Bellessa, Kathy, and Erin

We taught Cheyanne AND her boyfriend Nate for the first time! He opened up so much and wants to change! He had a crazy experience in jail.  It was like a vision too! Heavenly father told Nate in this vision that he needs to change his life and to do that by meeting with us! So bomb! He talked a lot! So we didn't get to teach much but I'm stoked they are going to get married and baptized!

And you are absolutely right! People here talk to themselves so much!

So, I hit my 16 month mark this week! So nuts! I have been gone forever! Home is starting to feel like real life again and not just some distant non-reality!

Really good things are happening in this area! Me and Sister Northrup get to stay! This will be my 4th transfer here. Saturday was so long and dead and I was like "maybe I would be ok leaving" Buuut Sunday night we found out we were staying and yesterday was a miracle day! We found some awesome prepared people! So I am way stoked to stay for another 6 weeks!

I got my passport photo today and will try to scan it over to you. If I cant I will just mail it. Hope thats ok!

I was so happy there was sunshine this week for yall's visit! Especially so y'all could see Rainier. When its cloudy, that things gone! 

When I sent you that pic of us at the temple on Friday, I was like "oh shoot what if they're in Seattle??" So you calmed my nerves telling me you were home! haha! (all done through Sister Bellessa texting me - so handy!)

Where did y'all eat in Black Diamond? The Black Diamond Bakery? That place is the best!  (Yes, we did - and yes, it was!)

ok I lovve you!! Talk you ya later:)

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