Friday, April 1, 2016

Happy Easter!!

Sister Orr, Sister Hampton, Sister Northrup

hey mom!

yes the sun finally came out and its actually staying for a second which feels like a miracle. since it wasn't cloudy president said we could all go watch the sunrise on saturday cause that's one of his Easter traditions. our zone leaders told us to all meet up at redondo beach which we did but it turned out to be a lame place to watch the sunrise. it would be much better to watch the sunset over the water! either way, we saw a baby seal so i was pretty dang happy. 
and then later that day KATHY AND CHRISTINA GOT BAPTIZED. it was amazing. they were so happy and the spirit was great! everything went well. and then we had dinner and then we went to the general womens broadcast! which was way cool. im going to try to look up that "i was a stranger" thing when im done emailing.
don't worry i figured the fruit and veggies were my Easter package. seriously the best. a lady in the ward gave us Easter baskets each packed so full of chocolate and i just gave it all away. i could not handle it.
church yesterday was so good! first of all christina and kathy were confirmed. also we just had an amzazing sacrament meeting.  we got to teach gospel principles. the usual teacher just gave us a 30 minute dvd and asked us to play it in place of her lesson since she coulnt be there. but it turns out there is only 1 tv in this building and everybody needed it today. so we just taught on the fly and it turned out really good! the spirit was strong! so that was a tender mercy.

tell bob her braces look great!

sounds like yall had a fun easter weekend! 
not actually alot noteable happened this week! lots of laughing and fun and hard work!

sorry for the short letter. i keep getting distracted by elder hollands face2face. so dang good!
ok welp i love ya more than i love the sun! which is quite a bit at this point

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