Thursday, April 21, 2016

17 months in and 21 years old on Sunday :)

Erin and Sister Northrup in Bishop and Sister Cahan's home
The birthday flowers were delivered there by her dad just shortly before - 
Erin's 21st birthday is on Sunday

hey mamma :)

this week was much better! we got to teach a bunch! i could definitely feel your prayers. 

one girl we taught this week is named Brittney. we met her right before we were going to go in for the night! late night miracles! she is athiest but interested in why people believe what they believe so she said we could come back the next day. we came and taught about the restoration and the spirit was so strong! she prayed for the first time ever and asked heavenly father what her next step should be! that was amazing. she is ysa age, so we are probably going to have to pass her off but hey it was cool!

I'm not sure if i ever told you but there is an apartment complex where apparently insanity is drawn to because we have the wackiest experiences there! i have tons of stories i could tell you about. but this place seriously is nuts. so for fun we decided to contact there one day this week. the first man we talked to would not let us leave forever! he kept telling us we had time for his story! he was telling us about how he just read a book by some "theologian"  about how the tree of knowledge of good and evil that Adam and Eve partook of was actually a marijuana plant. and that it gave them knowledge because they smoked it and it made them think. so.... i was pretty much just dying to get away from this person OR teach him the truth. but he never stopped talking. we would walk away a few steps and say we had to go and he would tell us that we cant just cut him off. i guessed we kind of asked for it by going to waterbury. i probably wont make that mistake again anytime soon!

we got to go to a luncheon at a horse track! it was for food bank volunteers so everyone in our zone went! that was fun. there was a raffle drawing and  basically everything was won by elders! ha! it was grand!

last night we went to the mission devotional with Christina and her family. we rode with them in their big family van. it felt like home! the devotional was amazing! one of the best i have seen! and the family loved it! milton even came! who is the 15 year old who never comes and he loved it too! i think i have told you but we have been trying so hard to talk to the dad because he is never home and he is the obstacle holding up the boys from being baptized. by a miracle we caught him home this week! and he said we can start teaching him! that will be way good! plus if he dodges us. his kid invited us to his birthday in a couple weeks which will be a big family dinner so we will definitely catch him there too!

the other day sister northrup left to a baptism for one of her investigators who lives forever away so libby came out to be my companion for a few hours! (libby is a recently baptized member) it was great! i love that lady so much! we found a bomb lady named Jo to teach and libby testified so powerfully! we talked about going to the temple to do baptisms. hopefully libby can go soon. she has her recommend and she has the info and wants to do the baptism for her mom. satan is just trying o keep libby away. can y'all keep her in your prayers?

good things are happening in federal way! i sure love this place!

we had fhe with a family this week who i love. they are less active. but love fhe and have really been making an effort to get to church lately! we had a great lesson with them! the fhe "treat" turned out to be a feast! chicken, pasta, salad, horchata, pie... it was like second dinner. so good! so much food at 8:30 at night!

cheyanne has been in active labor for like a week now. still no baby. that woman needs prayers!

i dont know if i have mentioned but this ward is tiny! very small! and we just found out that 2 pillar of the ward families are moving away. so thats less than good news! the stake president blessed our ward with growth though! so we are still working for that and counting on it!

have fun cutting bushes and buying refrigerators and all the good stuff! have a great week :)


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