Monday, April 4, 2016

Conference and Sweet Teaching!

Hey Mamma!

Yes conference was so good!  We watched most the sessions at the church! Sunday morning we watched at the Cahans house with Christina's family! And the son, Kuol, who we are now teaching brought his friend to watch too! so good! so good! Bree and Tim were going to come too but her son was sick. Bummer! We are going over there tonight though cause she really wants us to meet her daughter.

We taught Bree and Tim about the plan of salvation this week and it was awesome! Bree got so excited and just looked at Tim so happy. hHe was flipping through the pamphlet we gave him and looked up at her and was like "huh?" and she was like "did you hear what they said?" and he was like "sorry i was reading." Hah, total guy! And she was like "Tim we can be married forever!" It was so cute and he became a lot more excited with her when he caught up to what we were talking about. They want to be baptized but are going to have some word of wisdom struggles so they are currently praying about when their baptism date should be/when they can be done with that stuff. The spirit is always so strong in those lessons! They are way prepared!

A MIRACLE happened this week. We had a super slow day. We couldn't find people to teach, no one was home, blah, blah, blah. But lo and behold we met a girl named Berra! And she was bomb! And we set an appointment to come back the next day! And we came and she wasn't home. Instead her sister answered the door and said we could come in and teach them while we waited for her. We walked in and a group was hanging in the living room. 
and as we taught about the restoration more and more people piled in, including Berra when she got home. Turns out this is a family of 10! They are so great! And very prepared and interested! They just moved to America from Rwanda a year ago. The kid's english is really good but the parents don't speak it at all. It was fun.  We would teach them a concept and then they would all discuss in their language and then the 15 year old who was apparently the designated spokesman would ask us a question in English.  We taught a bunch of them again yesterday and it was really great the kids are ages 19,18,17,16,15,12,7,and 5. We are so excited for this family! We are finding Swahili and their Rwandan language speakers to help us teach the parents.

Also we taught another BOMB family from Kenya this week. Seriously prepared.  I just love africans!

In was walking up towards a house this week and I looked down and there was a snake on my foot just sliding on across it! Sister Northrup just made fun of my reaction which was my normal short high squeak.

I also got called "sister whore" again when someone was praying for me this week...

Also we met a girl yesterday while we were going over to meet a potential investigator. Our person wasn't home but her friend, Ariana, was hanging out at her house and told us she wanted to hear the message. So we told her and then she told us her story. Poor girl has had one of the hardest lives I've ever heard of and she is only 26. When we taught her about the apostasy and what apostasy is, she told us that that's where she is at - separated from God. She felt that we were totally God-sent and we felt similarly! We are going to see her again tomorrow and she is going to get a priesthood blessing! This girl needs prayers. It was such a blessing to meet her!

I'm gonna have to see a pic of your  fancy cake! Good luck on the sandwiches! 

Thanks for the forecast! It has been so nice this week! Like completely the opposite side of the spectrum from the past few months! Thank goodness for spring!

Well I love ya. I think that's most of my news!

Have the best week!

Love Erin

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