Friday, April 15, 2016

Looking on the bright side

Heya mom :)

This week has been a tough one! Our plans looked amazing but a lot of cancelled appointments and dropped investigators and such. But hey, next week looks great due to all the appointments rescheduled for then! And dropped investigators just means that they weren't ready yet and we get to spend more time on people who are. All good things! 

We did get to see Bree and Tim this week. They decided that it is way important to know if this is true and that they have not been giving it the time and attention it needs. They decided on their own to read the Book of Mormon everyday with prayer. So that was great! We got to meet Bree's daughter too!

We also had exchanges this week and I got to go with Sister Young who is super sweet and we had a lot of fun! We met a guy who is just like Stephan from the weekly update on SNL. Literally. And his name was Steven and he had the same catchphrase. It was grand.

Love Jared's cute pics! My favorite is the one on the swings!

Good luck on the sandwiches! What kinds are y'all making?

I'm jealous of your and dad's date! BBQ sounds so good right now! I have made some bomb BBQ chicken tacos lately! We are about to go get our weekly sub zero! Did I tell you that missionaries get free ice cream there! Luckily it's not in my area or we would be there everyday! But on Pday we can go anywhere in the zone :) 

Also I'm excited to hear about summer plans!

Well I love ya! Thanks for all you do!!


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