Tuesday, February 23, 2016


hah! yes i got both your letter and package last week! that was awesome! pday wont be on Tuesday again for a while. i will for sure let you know!

now there are 6 people committed to baptism! they are all amazing! i cant even contain how amazing it is to be here right now! i love teaching poeple about the gospel so much! 

so this has been a crazy week! last Monday we got a text saying we were getting another companion the next day! she had been visa waiting for 2 transfers in Canada where she is from. We got her Tuesday evening along with a bunk bed and an extra desk. her name is sister Cameron and she is SO cute! i love her so much! Unfortunately. we found out later that day that she might only be with us temporarily because another sister in the mission was maybe going home. so we got only one full day with her which was Wednesday and it was indeed a great day! and that night we got a phone call saying she would be leaving us the next morning :( so sad! mission life definitely keeps you on your toes!

we had a zone conference on friday which is always great! they sang happy birthday to all the missionaries who will have a birthday between now and next zone conference, which included me... weird. im such an oldie.  but the good thing was i got to see all my friends there! sister webb and sister cameron and sister ketchum! i love these girls!

on Saturday we had the best day ever. it was a miracle day! we had an appointment set with a new lady, adriene who we hadnt taught yet but she was eager and excited to learn! so we were stoked but we couldn't meet at her house because its crammed and there are lots of babies running around and no one else was super eager to have us over. so we told her we could have a member meet us either in their home or the church and give her a ride to and from. we planned this like 5 days in advance and spent like the whole 5 days trying to find someone to come! but even Saturday morning we had no one who had said yes. eventually one lady told us that if she was back from issaquah on time, she would do it! so we kept that as a back up while we kept calling people but no one still was a go. it got time to leave the house and our 10:00 cancelled. and we were like "shoot." so as we were praying before we left the house we asked Heavenly Father for an opportunity to lift someone. as we were praying we got a text from libby. she needed some service moving one rooms furniture to another. so we did that! it was great! then we went to a baptism another ward was having and we brought our investigator Kathy. it was a great baptism! they are samoan so there was some prayers in samoan. and very different refreshments. kathy loved it! at the end she was talking to a member who came with us and she said " this might be really fast, but i think i really want to be a part of this church." so that was amazing. next we met a member for another set lesson with a potential named david. he bailed on that but we had another potential named marylee next door who had set a couple appointments before but they didnt work out. it was a good lesson. except for her husband was sitting like 10 feet away shouting his religious opinions at us the whole time! hah! the reason i say it was goo is because she really intently listened and cared and invited us back. hopefully her husband will be busy next time! then we were about to go to our lesson with adrien and the member texted and said she would not be back in time. so we asked the one who was with us ( who is not even in our ward) if she was busy. and she said she would love to come and bring adriene to the church! so we went our separate ways and all met up there and had probably my favorite lesson ever. she has been searching for this light forever. and knows that she has found it. she feels sad that she has missed out on being a member of this church for her whole life. she has told her family "im going to follow sister orr wherever she takes me." ha! like i have anything to do with it! she is really incredible! i am so excited for her baptism next month! and then we went to dinner with one of my favorite members and then served an investigator by cleaning windows and such! it was amazing and at the end of the day my body was tired but i felt so energized! 

on saturday we had a stake conference broadcast from elder renlund and a few other general authorities! it was so great! did yall have that? i think this one was just for the west coast and hawaii.

also we did exchanges yesterday and i got to go with sister ketchum who is my favorite! we taught a tom of awesome lessons! including one to a beautiful persian family. the 17 year old kid is the only one who speaks english and he is still learning. but the love this gospel. and love learning. the th 17 year old, quian, translates everything we say. i takes a while . ha! but it was a great experience!

also cheyanne who is bomb got back from portland finally and they taught her while i was on exchange! she knows this is true and she is awesome! she comitted to baptism!

the china interview was good! it got me way excited! i asked if me and em could be in the same apartment. hope thats cool! it was really informational. she hardly asked me anything except for like what im most excited for:) it sounds pretty set.

you should do the bakery/ sandwhich shop! do you know how good my sandwhiches are? we could make billions. or as much as one can make owning a bakery in the booming metropolis that is morgan, utah.

thanks for everything! LOVE you so much!

Sister Erin Orr

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