Tuesday, February 23, 2016

15 months!!! :)

Hello mother dearest!

this has been another great week! hard at some points but that happens!

we got to go to a mission devotional last night which was probably the highlight of my week! i got to see so many people especially since it was in kent i got to see so many people that i love from the beginning of my mission! and i got to see sister frischknecht and sister westover and sister davis! i love them so so much! Kathy our 18 year old Sudanese investigator came with us. and she loved it! those things are way good! elder bennett was randomly there too so i got to see him. he said he is going to be one of jared's  "bridesmen" hah!

so we are teaching a girl whose records got lost so she will be baptized next month.  her name is yvette and she is 12 and super cute. since we have been coming her moms best friend moved in with them. she was baptzed 4 years ago and has kind of drifted since then but really wants to get back and go to the temple so we are goin to start teaching her today! yay! im so excited to help her get to the temple!

awkward moment this week. our dinner appointment cancelled so our ward mission leader called a less active family to feed us. so we called to affirm they were planning on us for dinner and showed up. and she had us just sit down on the couch and basically waited for us to make conversation with her or else she wouldnt say anything and we just kept sitting there. and i could see that there was nothing in the kitchen. so my suspicions continually grew that she indeed was not aware that she was feeding us. so we shared a message and then ran to 5 guys real quick for some food before our 6:00appointment! 

we met a girl named tony this week who is bomb. she is not religious but veru spiritual. she is basically a total hippie. she was telling us what she thought the purpose of life is and the plan for us before and after death and it basically was the excat plan of salvation which was pretty cool. except she mixed in a little reincarnation. but honestly these were just things she had come up with so we had an awesome talk about that!

we had a ward game night where i basically just played heads up for an hour. and rocked it. 

there was also a stake relief society activity. we just stayed for the dinner part. they had a live band of men from the stake that were actually pretty good! they took songs from like the 60s and 70s and made them have mormony lyrics. it was way cute. especially cause it was way loud in our small church gym. and there was like 200 old ladys rocking out to these dudes. they had songs about nursury and home teaching and  potlucks and things like that. and president and sister eaton were there! 

oh also we had a ward conference and the whole theme was rescuing. which is awesome the stake president challenged everyone in the ward to rescue someone this year! so we are going to work that angle now to help the members have missionary experiences and INVITE!
i have an insane craving for chocolate chip cookies right now. so i will probably make some today! wish me luck:)

I love ya mom! (even though sometimes you forget to write me)  (This is 100% not true - but I did mix some things up the last two weeks which didn't look good - oops!)

LOVE erin 

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