Monday, June 1, 2015

Goodness from Sister Orr :)


I heard the best expression of my life this week!  We were teaching my two favorite kids ever, Mason and Gavin. They are 12 and 14 and mason was saying that something was boring, but instead of saying "boring" he said "that is so a 40 year old Austrian man in a business suit drinking champagne." haha I just started busting up laughing so hard. I couldn't stop, as happens occasionally. They are so darn funny. Also they have a memory foam mattress in the middle of their living room. so we did our lesson sitting on that. And they are SO receptive so the spirit was strong and they are so cool and it was one of my favorite lessons ever!

That rain in Houston had to have worn away SO MUCH dirt. (she's referring to the news story that I shared with her about he coffin being washed from a Houston cemetery and ending up in the middle of a running path)  That's kind of crazy. and funny. I kind of love that story. People hear are thoroughly up to date on the weather down there. I've had 110 conversations that go "Where are you from?" "Texas." Then they freak out like "Have you heard about the floods???" and "Is your family ok???" and I just say "Yep" and that's the end.

We found a 15 year old kid while we were tracting last week and he set up a lesson with us but seemed like he just did so we would go away and didn't seem very interested at all BUT when we showed up for our appointment he was totally ready to hear us and understood the need for the restoration so well and he had been talking to his Mormon friends at school about meeting with us. His name is Cameron and he is the bomb. I am so excited to teach that kid again!

Also yesterday we had dinner with this family who eat a strictly plant based diet, and make SUPER good food. They made an avocado pie that tasted JUST like a key lime pie, but better, cause I dont actually like key lime pie, but I loved this thing! She is going to email me the recipe and its 100% good for you! She is super into "forks over knives". Have you read this? I want to when I get home!

I'm glad you survived your plane ride! Has your fear gotten worse? Cause I swear I've flown with you before and things were not so intense! Have a fun vacation! and I'm jealous of your bikes!

LOVE you!

Sister Erin Orr

Hey dad! 

I'm glad y'all made it to Florida safe!

Such good news! We had another food miracle! We work at the food bank for a few hours on Fridays, and this week they had a bunch of 1-serving salads that were expired by a few days so they had to throw them away even though they were actually perfectly good, so me and sister jeffery took them home and we got to eat a HUGE salad every day this week and they were so good!

My weekly goal every week is to get 20 lessons in and we got 21 this week! WooHoo! I'm so happy about it! The work is real! This is the 2nd time I've hit my goal. I know its a good goal because its attainable but I have to work HARD to make it!

One day this week a bunch of our plans were falling through so we were just looking for people to talk to and we ended up teaching lessons on the spot to 3 new people. 3 new inestigators totally unplanned in one day! The lord needs us when he needs us! Even if we had planned for a full day!

Have fun in Florida!

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