Monday, June 8, 2015

A Dang Good Week!

Hey Mom!

This week has been so dang good! SO GOOD! 

At FHE last week with the YSAs we stayed for a bit after our lesson and played Heads Up. UPDATE: I still love that game!!

Also we had the best EVER lesson with Shayla and Lexi this week. We had a lesson all planned out, BUT, when the girls showed up Lexi told us that she had just re-read the Gospel of Jesus Christ pamphlet, so we went with that and reviewed it and the girls understood super well. Our lesson originally had been about our desires and we were gonna have the girls write out what they want most on pieces of paper. We decided to still do that part and took just like 5 minutes to think and write. They told us that they wanted to share and they both had written about how what they wanted most was to be baptized, and pray more often, and feel close to God, and receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. It was so awesome! So we formally invited them to be baptized and they accepted! We just have to get them to church now! :)

Our YSA investigator, Crystal, is so excited about the Gospel. We invited her to church at our last lesson and she was like "Yes! I'm going! and I'm not going to let anything get in the way!" She was like super stoked! And so she did come yesterday and there were a couple girls who had just gotten off their missions there that knew that she needed a friend so they totally took her under their wing. She had such a great time! And she's going to FHE tonight!

Also Cameron came to church! We had two investigators at church yesterday! We have had such a hard time getting people to come so I was on cloud-stinkin-9 to have 2 people there! 

Cameron is the coolest ever. we introduced the Book of Mormon to him on Tuesday and when we saw him again on Friday he had already read 10 chapters. He was confused cause I guess the word smite means "kill" in other contexts, so he wondered how Nephi's brothers kept smiting him and he just kept showing back up. Haha. I love questions that are that easy to clarify! And he totally had his mom bring him to church and he stayed the whole time and connected with the teachers really well! Pray for him!

I'm so glad you loved Florida! The pics look so fun! The Denver airport has that little subway thing that takes you to your gate and it confuses the heck out of me! I'll pray for the girls! (referring to Aubri and Addey travelling alone on Wednesday and needing to change planes in Denver)

Love you!

Sister Orr!


We didn't get to shop with Lauren this week cause she stood us up. Bummer! BUT we will continue to knock on her door at least once every Wednesday until she specifically tells us not to:)

This week we had a tri-companion for one day.  Her name is Hermana Leach and her companion had to go to a leadership training for several hours this week, so we got to take Hermana Leach with us. She is a fairly new missionary and having sort of a hard time so me and Sister Jeffery made it our goal to make her feel included and loved and comfortable during our time together and it turns out she is SUPER smart at taught us a whole lot. And she was craving Arby's so we totally went and guess what? The nearest Arby's turned out to be RIGHT next to Legendary Donuts!! Have I told you about this place? I should have, cause I love it! They have the actual best donuts of all time! AND June 5 HAPPENED to be National Donut Day! So me and Sister Jeffery split a donut cause they are giant and Hermana Leach got her Arby's and we were all happy as clams. 

Good day all in alll!

Welp! Have a good one!


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