Monday, June 22, 2015

7 months in!!! The teaching and the food :)

Erin and Sister Jeffery and a friend

Happy Father's Day Dad!!

(These letters crack us up because Erin talks so much about the food!)

Good MOOOOrning Mom!

Your week sounds so fun! 

Bummer that Bob is having hip and knee pain! I had some hip pain my first transfer and that gave me quite an anxiety attack cause I immediately thought the worst, that they would have to send me home. and it was so lame cause if I went home early I would hope it would be for a better excuse than my stupid HIPS again! Anyways, yes, I had quite the freak out. haha. It only lasted for a week or two though and I've been fine since! Maybe its cause I've been stretching more!

You asked about Cameron! His baptism has to be pushed back since he has to attend 3 sacrament meetings before he is baptized and he has only been able to make it to Young Men's the last couple of weeks. So we are still working out the details on that situation. His mom, April, grew up in Utah and realizes what a commitment it is to be a member of Christ's church. SO the Young Men's president went over last night and had a really good conversation with her about the Young Men's program and about his conversion and such. His name is Brother Brady and he converted when he was 15 too! His parents never converted and he has an awesome conversion story that I think is really unique to Cameron's needs and really helped April with her concerns. His insight into their situation is so unique and awesome and he just recently became the Young Men's President because the old one got a job and moved away, so that is just a testimony to me that Heavenly Father has been preparing the way for Cameron for quite the while now! Its so sweet to be a part of it all!

Guess what! I had another food miracle this week! My Heavenly Father knows me cause he knows I love to eat so I'm pretty sure thats why all my miracles involve me getting food. So like 3 perfect things happened in 1 day! On Friday I wanted a southwest salad super bad but I didn't have the stuff so I just made a different salad. Then the next day for dinner we went over to eat dinner with a young couple and they gave us big ol southwest (delicious) salads for dinner! So perfect, and then we were talking about cake and I told them about the chocolate cake that you make with peanut butter frosting and then RIGHT after we left there we stopped at a potential investigators house to see if she had looked at yet. And guess what she gave us! Chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter frosting! It was so good! Also earlier that same day we were doing service for this lady in our ward and she remembered us telling her that we went through celery like crazy, so she brought us out a few bunches! And we were out! It was just a great day for food! :)

Have i told you this, by the way? I eat a crazy amount of celery nowadays! With cashew butter and raisins!

I totally don't remember who all I've told you about, but Shayla and Crystal are both on date for July 18! Woot woot! Pray for Crystal! She is going to be working at some state fair in Tacoma for the next couple weeks and she is trying to quit smoking. Everyone smokes there I guess and it will be a real trial of her faith. She can totally do it and she knows it but she is going to need an extra dose of strength from the Lord!

Hopefully Lexi will soon join her sister and commit to be baptized on July 18. She just wasn't in our lesson with Shayla when that happened!

LOVE you so much! Thanks for the great letters!


Happy Fathers Day yesterday!

Did ya get my video? I'm glad yall are pushing it back a week though cause my letter isn't actually completed yet so I will finish and send it today!

This week i ate salmon 3 times! And I didn't even puke. :)  The second day it was actually super delicious! We had lox and bagels. Have you had this? SO GOOD! It was a bagel with plain cream cheese and smoked salmon and sweet white onions and tomatoes and capers and salt and pepper. And i just loved it!

Also at that same dinner appointment, while we waited for someone to get home so we could eat, me and Sister Jeffery checked out a trail behind the house that led to a lake. BUT we got stung by stinging nettle which is a VERY stingy plant and we got lost for a while. Also there are apparently bears and homeless people back there, so I'm not gonna check that out again I don't think!

We are going to try to hike Rainier soon though cause a lot of it is in my area! So that's exciting!

Thanks for the talk. I'm excited to read it!

45 people asked me if I got to skype you yesterday. I think the church is going to have to change some things!

Welp I've got to run! BUT I LOOVVEE YOU!

Have a great/quality week!

<3 sister Erin Orr

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