Monday, June 29, 2015

Service and Sunshine


Did y'all happen to record Jared and Addey singing? Because that is something I would LOOVE to see! How did Bobby's braids turn out? Props to them for the long uphill trek! Is it a real pioneer trail? Don't they do those in Utah? I quite liked how flat ours was and muddy, that was fun too! 

Summer in Utah sounds quite convenient considering it's what we would be doing anyway, without the long driving or sleeping on the floor!

Crystal is doing awesome! She hasn't smoked once or drank coffee at all since we taught her about the Word of Wisdom! She is on a roll! ALSO we have had a couple Book of Mormon reads over the phone since she has been gone and she told us in our last call that she is working on her language WHICH we never even talked about at all. She is just killing it. Thanks for the prayers! No doubt she has gotten to where she is because of them!

You asked about service and it was QUITE the week for service! So many opportunities!

We met this lady named Erin on the street and she is working on covering the front of her church with butcher paper and coloring it to look like Mt. Everest for a courage themed VBS. It's a HUGE project that she took on alone so she let us come over and help for a couple hours a couple times this week. SO fun! We had some great conversations. Though she is thoroughly catholic and wasn't to interested in OUR message, I learned a lot about Catholicism. So that was cool, especially since Cameron had had some questions about the role of the Pope and how it was different from the role of the Prophet. Obviously there are some fundamental differences. but I didn't actually know what the Pope does do. So I got to learn from Erin and answer Cameron's questions tonight!

Also an awesome family in our ward moved out this week and we told them if they needed any help to let us know, so Saturday morning the lady texted us and said there were a couple things that were left uncleaned, just sweeping and vacuuming and wiping windows and such. So we got to go do that and it turned out they had a blueberry bush with like a thousand delicious blueberry's on them. So of course we picked them all and washed them and then sat on the floor of a completely empty house and ate them all by the handful. It was a delightful moment in my life. how many times to you just get to eat a handful of blueberries? They cost like 5$ a berry!

Also another service we did was stacking firewood for Sarah, our investigator they have an entire barn literally full of it! It was a work out for my little arms! We had an awesome lesson with her at a members house. The spirit was so strong the whole time! We read The Family: A Proclamation to the World together and she had some questions about temples and ordinances when we got to that part. So we went more into detail about what the temple is and what it is used for and she was SUPER interested and excited to learn more! I have noticed that baptism for the dead makes sense to everybody! For good reason! Really everything in the gospel makes complete sense, but baptism for the dead is something people can really wrap their heads around right off the bat!

LOVE you so much! Thanks for the great letter:)

Sister Erin Orr

Hey Dad --

I am so excited to go tubing! Me and Sister Jeffery were trying to think of something fun to do today and everything we thought of was either out of our area or involves wearing a swimsuit. haha! We might go bowling next week if we are together!  Transfers are next Tuesday the 7th. May the odds be ever in our favor!

I told mom about a family that moved out this week and forgot to mention they gave us all the food from their freezer! it was sweet. Plus earlier in the day our district leader told us he was completely out of food and so he might fast for the next couple weeks. ;)  We told him we could scrounge up stuff from our apartment for him and then we got the text from the Rushton's that we could have all their food! So we ended up bringing the elders a big ol rubbermaid bin piled high with good stuff! I felt so happy for days about that! Service really is the perfect way the to reach a state of joy rather than doing something that will just bring us fleeting happiness.

I don't know if I mentioned this before but one of our investigators, Michel, really loves peoples individuality and finds it hard to believe that it can stay intact if everyone is supposed to live by the same beliefs and standards. SO we thought Meet the Mormons would be a great thing to watch with her! We told our ward mission leader and he organized a big outdoor screening in one member's giant backyard! We are encouraging all members of the ward to bring their nonmember friends. I hope a lot of people take advantage of such a fun way to be a missionary!

This week, while reading in the Book of Mormon  Alma 33: 19- 22 and 37: 44-47 super stood out to me! Alma made some awesome connections that were probably apparent to everyone else but that I had never considered. And I loved it! Tell me what you think!

Love ya so MUCH!

Sister Erin Orr

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