Monday, June 15, 2015

Sunshine in the Pacific Northwest

Hey Mamma!

Nope, no girls camp yet, (for the teenage girls she's teaching) they go towards the end of July!

This week we had a zone training on the Sabbath Day and making sure our investigators know why church attendance is so important and getting them there! So we set a zone goal of 59 investigators to come to Sacrament Meeting this week. We had said we our portion would be 6 which is a big number but we honestly thought we could get it! We worked so dang hard to reach that goal this week, let me tell you! Cameron and Crystal were a given and every single lesson and contact with people this week we stressed how important it would be for them to come to church. And NO ONE CAME. Cameron came to Young Men's which was super awesome and he had a great time and President Eaton was there and taught all the youth! But Crystal bailed at the last minute and no one who had committed to come to church came. So we were bummed about that.

SO I/we decided to go see Robert James White (my life guru) about why he didn't come cause I had full on bore my soul to him the day before and he said he would come and he DIDN'T. So we went to see what was up and he said he had been up all night working and he had to sleep...blah..blah. BUT he said he had taken 20 minutes and looked at the restoration pamphlet again and it FINALLY sunk in to him what the significance of a RESTORATION of the gospel actually was. So that made me super happy and I'm excited to talk to him more about that!

BY THE WAY. Back to Cameron. He is on date to be baptized on the 27th! Woot Woot! Right after church last Sunday he went and got a haircut and got all cleaned up and told us that he had made it a goal to come to church every Sunday. He will probably be the prophet someday. :)

Yesterday's dinner appointment was fun! The people that we ate with had just had some bad smoke damage in their house so they had been preoccupied and a lot and dishes had piled up and things like that. Also there was a fireside for the youth last night that the mom had to bake a ton of cookies for. So we just ate super quick and then got to make a bunch of super delicious chocolate chip cookies and do a big stack of dishes for them while the mom got ready. It was a quality experience! I wish every Sunday was like that!

Welp, I LOOVE you! Watch out for Joey's nosebleeds. They sound dangerous!! Haha!  (funny story from her cousin, Joey)

LOVE, Erin

Hello Dad!

I will find out what my address is and send it to you for sure! (So, we can find where she lives on google maps) It's just an apartment, so not quite as fun as the lake house. But right next to the complex there is Lake Wilderness and there is a trail system around the lake that we run on in the morning and an arboretum so that's fun and pretty!

I love what you said about the amount of our resurrected glory being ACCORDING to our personal righteousness. In the bible, like the only place it mentions celestial glory is in 1 Corinthians 15: 40, and its not talking about the kingdom, but our physical bodies! Also I totally believe that we see the effects of that here on earth and that all commandments, especially like the Word of Wisdom and Law of Chastity, cause those are so directly related, help us to keep the light of Christ within us and to have as glorified bodies as we can in this mortal state! Keep the commandments. Fact.

I got to be in a parade this week! It was so fun! 'Maple Valley Days' came to town this week, which is a carnival/people selling stuff from booths/the whole town was there/it was insane. AND there was a parade Saturday morning that the office elders got us a spot in. So we taped a bunch of candy and such to cards and family history cards and pictures of Jesus and Article of Faith cards and honestly just everything we had. And we had a biggish banner that said "" and some other stuff that I don't remember. A couple of elders held the banner and most of our zone was there! Some just walked and waved and some of us handed out candy and cards to EVERYONE. We gave out SO many things. It was so FUN! We found out the day before that we had to do an exchange and that Sister Jeffery wasn't going to be able to go to the parade and she was so sad and dramatic and then she just looked up at me and said "it will be fun for you" just trying to be positive. I was bummed she couldn't be with me! But my Sister Training Leader, Sister Webb came and she is super fun and we got along swimmingly. The rest of the day was kind of a dud cause no one was home cause everyone was at stinkin Maple Valley Days! Haha

Have a QUALITY week!



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