Tuesday, March 3, 2015

PB&Js, Random Packages, Fasting...


I have to say, Washington winter beats any winter I have lived through before. It has been so pretty and sunny! Still cold, but not anything too extreme. I love it! Jared was right! I get to stay in Lake Sawyer for another transfer with Sister Frischknect. Sister Halford (Erin's first companion) was training this past transfer again and is about to be a sister training leader! So that's cool, she's nervous but is also perfect and is great for the job.

We went on exchanges this week and I went to Federal Way for 24 hours with my Sister Training Leader named Sister Walker. I love her! And she had 2 ukuleles! So we jam seshed for a while (hymns of course) and that felt so good! I had been craving some uke time. While I was there we went to a ward that was having a service project where we made 500 pb and j's for homeless people. Which was really fun and it took like an hour. It was funny because a lot of kids came to help so we had a peanut butter side and a jelly side of the table and one kid to put them together. But both sides of the table were using different kinds of bread. So the sandwiches were miss-matched. I didn't care but there was an old lady helping me put them in sandwich bags who didn't stop complaining about it for the hour we were there. So that was delightful. Haha

Also I got your package:) twas a good one -- especially the turban. I look like the mom from The Help. Also I learned how to make a balloon dog. THANK YOU! (I have to explain this one -- I had a particularly fun time at a Dollar Store last week when I was getting a package ready for Erin.  They had some really random things there -- for a buck -- so I sent them to her as a joke.  It's kinda what we do.)

Oh also the music one (package)! Thanks for that, I love them all! I hope y'all got your own copy of the Lamb of God CD because that is my favorite thing ever. Also I love the health tips! I've been drinking smoothies and eating salads and such. I do need to get better at eating small portions at peoples houses. But mom, we had baked mac and cheese last night!! :)  Also one lady made us this vegan black bean/ tomato soup that is the actual bomb so I got the recipe and I'll send it to you!

I love Bob's sub rules. Especially number 8. Quality stuff. Did you obey them? 

I think Em would be a great teacher! It would be cool if she could do art and english! 

I loved Addey's basketball pic, but um, excuse me? Was she wearing make up? She's not twelve yet! She cannot be eleven and have an iphone 5 and also wear makeup. Not allowed.  (Again, gotta explain. Addey wasn't wearing make up - the picture just looked that way and the only reason she has a phone is because she inherited it when Erin left on her mission)

One thing I learned while on exchanges that I never considered before is that fasting is just a super charged prayer. A way that we can let heavenly father know that what we are praying about is more important to us than eating a few meals. And in Alma 45:1 (I think it was) they fasted out of gratitude. And I really like that. I have been feeling the gratitude, so I did that this past Sunday for my fast and it was awesome!

love, Ern


I love that mountain/valley analogy. (This is an analogy that we learned this weekend in Stake Conference -- I'll put it at the bottom)  Super good! The whole reason we are on this earth is to grow. If ever someone seems like they have no trials, and you have a lot, just know God loves you enough to give you and opportunity to grow:) 

Miracle this week was with our investigator David Orange. He is awesome and sometimes annoys me because he's so open minded and yet so closed minded too. He wants to learn about all the churches but gets mad if anyone says theirs is the right church, because that puts all the other churches down, or something like that. So the elders that were in his ward before us just kind of had talks with him about different principles like prayer and scripture study and things like that, but didn't think he would like the actual missionary discussions. So we were kind of hesitant to teach him the restoration because of the Heavenly Father telling Joseph Smith that all the churches were wrong, thing. But we did this week and he took it really well and basically told us he knows its true! We don't get to see him for the next three weeks because he is going to Disneyland, so pray that Satan wont be too destructive while he's gone!

LOVE you:)


Mountain/Valley Analogy (from Garret):

Last night in the adult session of stake conference Elder Fisher from the Seventy, share a story about a woman who had experienced some difficult hardship in her life. When Elder Fisher went o her home to visit her she shared with him this great lesson, she said, "Everyone wants to be on top of the mountain, where the views are grand and beautiful, however, nothing grows on the tops of the mountains. In the valley is where everything grows, the trees, flowers, corn, grass and forests and meadows blossom and flourish. In other words, if your in a place where it's always "beautiful", where there is little or no stress, trial or challenge - there will be very little opportunity for personal growth. The valleys of our lives, although, filled with challenge and heart ache, is where we grow, draw closer to the Savior, and come to know ourselves and learn who we really are.

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