Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Good stuff :)

Hola Mamasita!

Sorry this is coming so late! My comp is MAKING me be in the mission choir. So we have to do that once a month for P-day. Its not too shabby, though. :)

Guess what happened this week? El companion got sick again. She had a tummy ache one night and checked her temperature in the morning and it was 101, and were not allowed to leave the house with a fever, and we were in for 2 days. So I cleaned the ENTIRE everything. Also a member brought us Mormon movies so we watched those and other people brought us lasagna. Twas a pretty sweet set up besides that I wanted to get out so bad! Then the 3rd day, her temp still said 101, so I made her take her temp with my thermometer because we had both been inside and feeling perfectly fine for 2 days, and with mine it said 98 degrees. So, then I took my temp with hers and it said 101. So I'm pretty sure hers is just broken and we stayed inside for 2 days for no reason. haha oops!

But its a miracle that we figured it out and went out that day because we had so many awesome lessons! Except for one, we invited a member lady to come with us and befriend the lady we were meeting with, but the lady we invited literally did not stop talking the entire time and she said like 80 times that she was worried she was talking too much. haha. Yes indeed she was. 

And the Rojas' I'm not sure if I have talked about them at all, they are awesome, but less active:) We went over Saturday night and had planned to teach a lesson but the house was insane! All the kids on the block and their parents were over, so Brother Rojas just taught us the alphabet in Spanish. We invited them to come to church which they have only done once in the past year, and they came and brought their kids friends too! So I would call that a win-win.

I am so jealous you get to go to the temple with our McKinney family! That will be so fun! Tell them I love them!

Also... HAppY BIRTHDAY! How old are you? 45? I'm so glad your only 45! Sister Frischknecht's parents are like 57 and that sounds like insanity to me!

Have a delightful week!

Love you quite a bit!

Sister Orr

Also be nice to the middle schoolers!

Hola Papasita!

I quite enjoy the phrases you are using in your letter this week "cool cat", "britches", "pals", its good stuff!

I'm excited for Addey and soccer! Stinks that the Morgan transition is tough. Tis to be expected though, McKinney is pretty rad.

Andrew, I dont even know what to think about Andrew. He says he needs time to process and pray before he meets with us again, and that was a while ago so we were kind of worried he was blowing us off. I texted him on Wednesday and asked him how praying was going. He said it was coming along, then I told him to watch the "patterns of light" Mormon Messages that Elder Bednar did and to tell me when he had watched them. He texted back just a little bit later that he had watched them all and that they were incredible and that they applied so much to him right now. Then I told him, like it said in one of the video's that as he takes small steps, more and more truth will be revealed. He said he still wasn't ready to meet with us though, so I told him until he is ready, to continue praying and look at mormon.org and other church websites for sources of truth. I cant even tell him to read the Book of Mormon though because he said taking it (when we offered it too him at the end of our restoration lesson) would be kind of overwhelming. Bummer! I think he is just a slow-processing kind of guy. I hope he comes around. 

David is at Disneyland and we don't get to see him again until the 22nd. Pray that he will read his scriptures while hes there! He's getting closer and closer to knowing our message is true. In fact, he told us he knew. So while we cant be meeting with him, I know satan will be working on him! So he needs lots of prayers!

Here's a thought that I am going to ask President Eaton about in my letter to him in a sec, but I want your thoughts. Preach My Gospel, on page 182 says "you cannot convert someone beyond your own conversion" which, to me sounds untrue. Even if I am completely not converted to the gospel, but am teaching truth, the Holy Ghost has that opportunity to testify, right? And to touch someones heart. Sure it would definitely be more powerful if you had a strong testimony of it, but the point is, I don't think one person converts another, we are converted by the spirit and ourselves. I don't know why, but that has just been on my mind.

Have a quality week!

Love you!

Sister Orr

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