Monday, March 16, 2015

Hi Laurel :)  (she's teasing me because Aubri has started trying to call me Laurel)

Holy guac. Your week sounds so fun! Those pictures are so dang cute! Kenz sent me a bunch! They make me so happy! I love M5! 

Also I'm glad the kids (that I sub for) like you! You have been saying forever that you would love to sub but would yell at the kids so much that none of them would like you! FEAR BUSTED!

Guess what I ate this week. A breakfast burrito! 2 in fact! This should be a testimony strengthener for everyone - considering they were purly made of eggs, bell peppers, and tortillas. (she hates all 3) And none of these things were a possibility before the mish. God truely does love his children.

I met an 81 year old lady this week named Joan who is the actual cutest person I have ever met. Me and Sister Frischknecht weeded her garden and planted flowers for her and such. She is so funny and sarcastic and active. She loves gardening and asked us for our favorite foods because she wants to plant things for us. So we chose zucchini and jalepenos. Also she FORCED us to take home like 10 bottle openers that she knitted, cookies, cupcakes, candy, herbal tea (which half of it wasn't even herbal, JOAN!!) and pots full of soil so we could plant our own things. I love her and really want to go back but I'm so scared she is going to give us more! She said that the elders before have told her that she is going to be baptized and she took it as a challenge to not! So hopefully as sisters we can bring a different dynamic and help her feel less threatened by the church:)

Sister Frischknecht's birthday is on Thursday so after emails we are meeting some ward friends and an investigator for sushi! What what! I'm so excited!

I LOVE YOU!!  Sister Orr

Hey Papanwa (I watched the testaments last week),

I think bread instead of silverware is an inspired idea! Those Indians know whats up. You can never get enough bread! I am always down to go there with you. Just let me know when! (she's referring to Garret's business trip to San Francisco this week where he had dinner with several Indian people and they ate with bread - no silverware)

Here is what President said about my question: (about whether a person's personal testimony or the Holy Ghost has more to do with conversion)

"I’ve wondered about that very thing myself. Indeed, I think there are a number of situations where people get converted by the Holy Ghost despite missionaries who may not be all that great. But I believe the general idea behind the statement is where we should focus. When we become truly converted ourselves and stand on higher ground, we are much better able to carry the Spirit with us and help lift others to higher ground".

Presidents word is law.:) So I'm accepting it.

Yesterday after church, cutest thing ever. We and a couple members of the ward gave like a 1/2 hour church service to a group of people in an alzheimer's living center. I was the chorister. We sang a bunch of songs and had a couple talks. The best part was when one member started his talk and said "I want to talk to you today about God". and one of the old guys yelled out "WHO'S GOD?"  It was just great considering where we were. 

Also a miracle happened this week. We received a referral for a girl named Aurora and have tried to contact her a couple times but have been yelled off the porch both times by people who we think are her parents. The third time we brought our ward mission leader just to be safe since there are some clear drug problems going on in that house. But Aurora answered the door this time! And we set up an appointment to teach her this week at the church! So excited!

Hope this week is even MORE quality than last week!

Love Ya!

Sister Orr

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