Monday, March 23, 2015

Welcome Spring! Serving, Loving, and Teaching in the Lord's (blackberry) vineyard

I pulled this pic off of facebook.  A ward member snapped it and sent it to Jared.  I think she looks TERRIFIC!!!  Love that smile!!! :)

Hey Mom!

Good morning! Isn't my lake pretty? (referring to the picture she sent last week) I'm a little spoiled. There was an otter on the dock again! And it was eating a fish. so cool! 

We got to do more service this week! One investigator we have has a HUGE property and most of it is completely covered with very tall and thick and thorny blackberry bushes. It looks like Maleficent lives here, for real.  Blackberries are a weed here and they grow fast and everywhere, so we cleared out part of her yard while we had a gospel discussion/ lesson.  We found out that even though she has been investigating for YEARS, she has a very fundamental misunderstanding of who Heavenly Father is.  But she had always thought missionaries would be offended if she told what she thought, which, nope, we want to know what you believe.  But I'm just glad she finally felt comfortable enough to tell us where her problems with our beliefs are so now we can at least address them!

We had exchanges this week. I stayed in Lake Sawyer and Sister Frischknecht went to Renton with Sister Halford.  Sister Hill came with me and it was super fun!  We did service at baseball fields in the rain and then visited a bunch of member who are taking part in an Easter production that the stake is putting on called "In Defense of Christ".  I had never heard of it but it is based on the fact that Christ never had a trial and there are "witnesses" who give their testimony in defense of Christ.  I think it will be really good and powerful and a perfect way to prepare for Easter.  So we are inviting all the participants to invite non-member friends.  Jonathan Eaton, our mission president's son, is playing the clarinet so during the exchange we had to go over their house and invite their family to be missionaries. Haha.  When I told Sister Hill that's what we were doing she was so nervous, but it ended up being really good!

And good news!  When we switched back companions, Sister Halford and Frischknecht surprised me with tacos and horchata from Aguacateros! My favorite thing ever!

So I would call this a quality week!

Oh, and also on Thursday we were going over to visit another lady participating in the "In Defense of Christ" production and she had found out that it was Sister Frischknecht's birthday, so when we walked in there was a whole tea party with cupcakes and strawberries set up and her little twin daughters were dressed up like princesses!  It was adorable.

Welp. That's my week! More in dad's letter! I LOVE YOU!

Sister Orr

Hello dad!

I liked what you said about the sacrament. My Sister Training Leader, while we were on exchanges this week, told me that a way to stay focused and consecrated during sacrament meeting instead of missing the weekly opportunity to come closer to Christ, is by writing everything down that goes through your head, whether it be about Jesus or not.  It's kind of a scary thing to do, but if you do it honestly it really helps you get in the right mindset for taking the sacrament.

So Aurora, the girl I told you about last week, stood us up for her lesson, which stinks. But what stinks worse it that we have to go back to her crazy drug house again and hope we don't get yelled off the porch! haha Pray for us!

We did get the Rojas to come to church this week. Mostly because Eric loves primary now!  And also a less active girl named Katelyn Tanner.  She hasn't been to church in a few years but she agreed to come and sit with us. And she and Sister Rojas got along Really well!

Also Andrew, the guy that didn't want to meet with us, cause he was processing things, decided he wants to meet with us again! Yay! So we are working out a time to see him this week! What what! So excited!

Mom had asked about David Orange. He got back from Disneyland this week and we were able to see him last night but they were having some kind of family something so we could only leave him with a short message. We brought an adorable old man with us and had told him that we planned on teaching about the Book of Mormon, so when David called on him to say the opening prayer, knowing we only had 2 minutes to teach, he taught the whole lesson in the prayer. SUCH A PRO! It was awesome! And then later when we mentioned that he had done that he said " I've been a missionary before". I love old people!

Have the best week ever!

Love!!!, Sister Orr

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