Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Erin's letters :)

Good morning Mom :) 
(Referring to a medicine refill that she needed this week --) Um, that medicine 
thing was so crazy! Heavenly Father set me up perfectly this week to get that 
medicine when I needed it! Interviews happened to be on the same day I ran    out so I could talk to Sister Eaton about it. And then she was able to figure 
things out with you before the store closed. Then when I had an insurance 
question I turned around to call her and she was standing right there! Checking out from Fred Meyer! What the eve heck? It was awesome! Then of course that lady at the counter was awesome and figured out a way to get the cost from like $260 to something like $15 dollars with out going through the insurance! She 
kept asking me to just call you and ask you things. And I was like "no can do". 
But she was cool and just did it all! So many blessings! 
That stake Easter thing y'all did sounds so cool! Wish I could have seen it and 
I'm so glad Addey liked it! Our "In Defense Of Christ" program was really good! 
The music was beautiful and they showed bible videos in the background that 
correlated with the songs the choir was singing. So beautiful! Also our 
investigator Danae came and she brought her kids! I was on my way to text herand remind her to come, but she texted me first to remind me to save her 
seats. So that made me quite happy. 
OK, we had our Relief Society dinner last week and it was super good and cute. A couple of men came to help out and then sat down to eat at my table and onestarted CRYING. Full on! About the musical CATS! And he went on forever and 
was SO LOUD! And the lady that was running the program was so quiet. She 
was up in front talking but literally no one could hear her cause this guy was 
super loud and sobbing. ...So that happened. Yours sounds adorable! I didn't 
know you are on a relief society committee? I thought you were teaching 
primary? With dad? Am I just confused? 
(Referring to a letter/questionnaire I wrote to her this week about her 
camera/lack of picture issues -- ) Can I just mention the highly passive - 
aggressive form letter I received about my camera use this week? I'm not 
sending it back because I love it now and want to keep it forever. BUT! I will 
work on sending you pictures but I forgot to bring el camera this week. 
The General Relief Society broadcast was super good! MAJOR focus on families! 
And President Eyring spoke on comforting those who stand in need of comfort. 
Quite excellent! So stoked for Easter and General Conference! 
I love you sOOO much:) 
Happy Easter! 
Love, Sister Orr 
Good MORNING Dad! 
1. How am I about to be 20? What the EVEN heck?  So crazy! Also I'm going to 
spend the whole time I'm twenty here in Washington. 
2. We found a new investigator this week! Yay! She is the wife of a less active 
man who looks like Bill Murray. I love them so much already! And I just want 
them to enjoy the blessings that come from building your foundation in Christ! 
She has no religious background but knows that praying makes things better! 
So excited to see them again! They are the Rice's. 
3. Do you know what a STEM machine is? It's used in physical therapy. It's like 
an electric thing where you stick little tabs on your body. WELL Sister 
Frischknecht got one for her birthday and we were playing with it last night and 
we put the tabs on my arm and it made my muscles contract more and more, 
the more we turned it up. But it hurt more and more too. It was really fun! 
Except at the end when Sister Frischknect went to turn it off and accidentally 
turned it all the way up! It hurt so bad! I almost died! But it was funny! And shefelt so bad! 
4. We went and visited a lady in the ward who is less acitive. She has been 
depressed lately so the bishop had us go see her  :( She was so sweet though 
and made us a whole cheesecake to take home! Don't worry though we shared 
it with EVERYBODY! 
5. I have allergies now days. What? I have never had allergies in my life! Good 
thing my mamma packed me some Zyrtec! 
6. Joan, my favorite 81 year old lady, let us share an Easter message with her! 
And pray with her! Yay! We are breaking down barriers! 
I'm not sure why I numbered this email. I guess my subconscious needed a 
change of pace or something. I hope you have a good week and have to drive a lot less! Have a fun Easter! Also where is the egg war going to be now? And with who? Throw a good one for me! And remember to show some holiday mercy 
and crack the eggs on your knee before you throw them! 
Love, Sister Orr 

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