Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter, General Conference and Teaching

Hello to you my mother!

Park City sounds so fun! Getting away and just relaxing sounds like the greatest thing ever. It's not actually built into the missionary schedule though, ever! But that is what General Conference felt like this week. Getting to sit in a dark chapel and soak in the general authorities for 8 hours. I would call it quite blissful. Especially since it was AWESOME! 

On Saturday right after conference, we had planned to go drop by and visit an old couple that we want to teach, but they weren't home so since we were in the area we dropped by a young couple's house nearby. I think I've talked about the Tanners. I love them! They are less active but just for the past year and they are wanting to reactivate but are having a hard time being motivated. She was home and we got to watch the Because He Lives video with her and talk about that. And that girl has such a strong testimony! It's so awesome, but it also just goes to show that even those with the strongest of testimonies can fall away if they stop doing the important little things! It also shows that Heavenly Father totally knows what he is doing! He inspired us to go somewhere where no one was home, while at the same time Katelyn was home alone nearby and ready for us to teach her and she was open to share her thoughts and feelings with us! We just need to trust that he has us where he wants us.

We also got to see Joan this week and share a message with her. We set a goal before we went in to not leave with more than two things she had given us. That goal FAILED. She always gives us so much stuff! And I love her but every time I say "no" she says "don't fight the old lady!" What the even heck! But she is not only not reluctant to pray with us anymore, she loves it, and throws in stuff she wants to have said! Yay!

Yesterday for Easter dinner we went to an old lady's house who had her old lady BFF over and we had a full on Easter dinner. It was really good! But I had a bite of sweet potato casserole and it was SOO hot and so I swallowed it really fast and it burned my throat.  AND, gross alert: Sister Frischknecht looked and she said I have a BLISTER on the back of my throat. Nast! It hurts!! :( Then after dinner, the BFF old lady went home and the sister whose house we were at is quite homebound and barely able to move and there were TONS of dishes. So I did those while Sister Frischknecht and her talked. loved it :)

Love you with all of my heart, might, mind, and strength, 

Sister Orr

Olo Dad!

That's so awesome that you asked a polish guy to read the book of Mormon! Way to go! Even if he dosen't, the success is in the invitation!

The talks were so good at conference. I especially loved the music and dancing one from Saturday and the one by Elder Pearson on Sunday. So awesome I cant wait to get them printed!

Guess what happened this week! We went over to this lady's house this week to help her download the gospel library app and she was drunk out of her MIND. She was crying and screaming and crazy. Apparently she used to be wicken and was telling us about all the philosophies she had that came from that. Like that everything has a vibration level. A kimodo dragon is at a twenty and Jesus is at 1000. She told us that like 40 times.  It was great but we did get the app downloaded so mission accomplished.

Another person we got to see this week is named Cathey. She has been in and out of activity and has had some really hard challenges that have caused her to lose faith in the atonement. She really loved the Because He Lives video (we have been showing it to everyone in the world). People really respond well to things that the church puts out! It's so awesome. We were hoping she would come to conference, but she said she would watch it from home, which I REALLY hope she did! Elder Holland's talk would be so perfect for her!

Also Andrew apparently changed his mind about wanting to meet with us and said no, but then a few days later he said he might be interested again. Ahh! I do want him to know the gospel so bad. He just needs to decide that's what he wants too.

Also while we were visiting a home-bound lady this week, her caretaker joined in on the lesson and really took a lot from it. we talked about the picture of Jesus knocking on the door with no knob and how its our job to let him in, and she was really interested in that. So I'm about to print that picture off for her.

Thanks for the pictures!

have a great week! Luh you!

Sister Orr

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