Monday, April 20, 2015

Hitting the BIG 20, a New Area, and the 5 Month Mark

Good morning my mom!

Thanks for the birthday shout out on Facebook, I got quite a few emails, which was sweet. I can't believe I'm almost 20. I'm gonna have to warn my companion that I need to get all my immaturity out by Friday cause that's when adulthood starts for real. So that is going to be a task.

I LOVE my new area. Maple Valley is so pretty and friendly. It reminds me of McKinney actually. These are some solid people. Also my bishop looks like Greg Kinnear. 

My companion is Sister Jeffrey and she is so cute and has SUCH a strong testimony and is pretty much a gourmet chef. I'm so excited to be her companion. And she is from Oklahoma. Also SHE RUNS WITH ME! Everyday! I love it! 

On Saturday we did service ALL day. It was awesome. All pulling weeds. I am rocking a sweet farmers tan. Actually its not a tan yet, my arms are just VERY red. We pulled weeds till lunch and then for lunch we just slept on the grass at the stake center for an hour because its so warm outside and felt so good! But the relief society president's husband rode by on his bike and saw us and apparently he has been telling people because quite a few people mentioned it to me at church. 

Welp. I'm super excited Em likes her ONE roommate! She will love Hillcrest! One of my best friends lived there and loved it! Also like 45 of my YSAs are about to head up to BYUI so i feel like Jared and Emily are just going to be walking past people I know, all the time.

Love you a lot!

Sister Orr

Good morning dad!

So my first Sunday in this area was so crazy. Since we are over two wards and they are both at the exact same time in different places, we go on splits. So I went BY MYSELF, which I had never done before, to a new ward. It actually wasn't bad at all. I just stuck with the ward mission leader's family. Then I went home with our dinner appointment and Sister Jeffery met me there and we took off to our mission devotional in Puyallup and were there for the rest of the night. It was fun!

This week I met a bunch of investigators. The work in this area is on fire!  Mick is one - I think he is like 60. He is so close to God. He loves the scriptures and loves to pray. He came to church yesterday. So I'm excited to see how that was for him.

Also one investigator, Michelle, she is so awesome, I asked if she really wanted to know if the church is true, and she said probably not. And I was so taken back because she LOVES religion and has studied it her whole life and I would have thought of course she would want to know which church really is God's church. But she said it would make her sad to know that so many people like Ghandi and Muhammad were just wrong, and lived their lives in vain and she started crying and it made me realize how much empathy she has for like, the entire world, and how she just wants everyone to be right and to be included. So we talked to her for a while about how these people weren't wrong. They taught things that Christ taught and led people closer to him everyday, which is what we should be doing. They just didn't have all the information.

Guess what else. My district leader was trained by Jared. Elder Basillius. And he is very excited that I am in his district and talks about Jared a lot. To everyone.

Also more good news. We were helping a lady vacuum seal a bunch of racks of ribs earlier this week and she gave us one! So I'm about to go make ribs!

LOVE you!

Sister Orr

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