Tuesday, February 24, 2015

A Missionary's Dream Call


Mom you have the cutest life ever. Making cakes and substituting and genealogy and such! I love it. Also that note from Addey was the best thing ever. I was cracking up in the library. That girl attracts crazies! (Addey sent her an email describing a weird conversation she had at school with a girl who REALLY wanted Addey's lunch)

I have been out 3 months now! Wahoo! It's so crazy because I feel like I have definitely been away from y'all that long but I also feel like I've been in Washington for like 18 seconds. Time is crazy. The transfer ends next week so I might be pickin' it all up again and switching around. Also I've gotten kind of attached to the lake house. I think 1 transfer is too short to be in an area and 5 is too long but 2 or 3 or 4  would be sublime. So hopefully I get to stay a little longer.

Oh and since transfers are next week, P-day will be on Tuesday.

Your genealogy thing reminded me of this lady (the one who was teaching us to knit). She was doing some family history and found out her dad has been baptized. But like 5 years ago and he died when she was 8 months old. So he definitely was baptized by proxy in the temple and she is the only member in her family and has no idea who did it. Do you know if there is a way to find that out?  It's a mystery! and she is so cute and really just wants to thank whoever did it!

You asked about how we get our investigators and right now its really mostly through our own efforts but I think the church is kind of shifting missionary work more to be on the responsibility of members.  We now, under the direction of Mission President and our Area Authority, are meeting with members a lot and encouraging missionary efforts. Investigators are more likely to be interested in learning about the church and then eventually be baptized when they have had a member/friend involved in their journey.  I know this is a slower approach to missionary work as we spend time encouraging members to be their own missionaries instead of just spending that time teaching investigators ourselves, but it will, I think, yeild great results in the end and help build more lasting conversions in those being taught. Also sharing your testimony not only invites the spirit and strengthens those around you, but strengthens your own. 'Tis a win-win.

I can not believe Kenz and Ericas calls came so fast. Insane! And Kenz is going to speak Korean! So funny! I am so excited for her and Erica both!

I think thats all I have to say. Also I love you:)

Sister Orr

Hey dad!

Something awesome and crazy happened this week!

I don't know if I mentioned but last Sunday, we got a call on the church phone in the hallway, and luckily someone picked it up and got it handed off to us.  The guy on the phone told us straight up that he is looking for truth and thinks we have it!  So basically a missionary's dream scenario!!!!  We met him on Wednesday and he told us that he read good and bad things about the church online, but wants to hear from us what we have to say.  We taught him the restoration and he was very receptive and interested and even expressed a desire to be baptized on April 11th.  Our lesson was at the church and he told us that he loved the way he felt there and wished he could stay all day!  We met again on Friday and taught about the plan of salvation and then he came to Sacrament Meeting on Sunday.  Every time he has come he mentions the peace that he feels about what we say and the atmosphere of the church. It's not often these extra prepared people just fall into our laps. His name is Andrew Johnson and he could for sure use some prayers as he is taking steps toward the straight and narrow path. 

So that's SUPER cool. :) Also i bet Addey could beat me in horse now, as apparently she is a baller, and I have no practice.

Have a good week!

Seester Orr

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