Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Birds, Knitting, Valentines, and Bicycles...

Hello Mom :)

Yes, sorry about the no email yesterday. Twas Presidents Day so the library was closed!

It's OK because yesterday was fun and crazy! We went to an old lady's house in the ward. She's kind of inactive because she has a lot of medical type things so she's a little homebound. But she LOVES knitting so we went over and chatted with her and let her teach us how to knit. I wish I could have been a more satisfying student for her but I could NOT comprehend what the even heck she was doing with her hands. She showed me this crazy motion she did with the yarn like 40 times and I still have no idea what she was doing. I guess it was basic knitting but I'm gonna need to read up on "Knitting For Dummies" before I go back. Also right after that we went over to a members house for dinner and they had two parrot/cockatoo type birds that would just fly up and sit on your shoulder. (I have to stop Erin's story here to interject that Erin has somewhat a an intense bird phobia)  The guy, when he saw my face, when I first saw the birds asked me if I was scared of them, so I was like "yeah" and he just told me not to look like I was scared or they would tease me!  So I did a pretty good job of that until the end when one of the birds tried to sit on my shoulder and I screamed and ducked like a sensible person.  THEN I was hiding behind my companion because the bird knew I was scared so it was looking for me. And it kept calling me a chicken and making chicken noises at me.  So that was delightful.  Also the people didn't even do anything about the bird. So I just had to hide until we left. 

The substitute teacher thing sounds so fun! You didn't tell me it was Sister Richins class. That's so fun. Sounds like a fun week! Did you guys do anything date-wise for Valentines Day? 

Me and Sister Frischknecht both were sick with fevers this week for a couple days so Sister Eaton said we weren't allowed to leave the apartment. I healed up a couple days before el companion though so I just went on splits with ward members which was actually really fun! For Valentines Day, me and a Laurel named Sabrina, who I love went and washed windows (SO GROSS) for an inactive lady who thinks she's active. She is so cute and her voice sounds just like Piglette :). When we got there she was making red velvet heart shaped cake, and cupcakes for us. And some herbal tea. In the middle of our cleaning she had us decorate the cake with valentines m&m's. And afterwards we had a tea party with just the three of us. It was so dang adorable. By the end of our visit she had gathered a few houseplants and a bunch of lotion that she wanted to send us home with as well as the cake.  So that was my mission valentines experience.

I'm excited for the music you're sending! Thank you!!  Also I loved the valentines package and Sister Frischknect is a Sherlock fan and especially appreciated Emily's valentine.

I just love you!
Thanks for being my mom!


Good morning Dad!!

Addey is just the best! Looks like she got an extra sprinkle of athleticism than the rest of us! so cool! Her team will be getting some prayers from Washington this week:)  (Addey is on a basketball team that happens to be undefeated and Garret keeps Erin updated on their season in each letter.  This Saturday is the last game so we're hoping that they maintain their record)

This week we had Zone Conference.  Between Zone Conferences, which are every other month, President has a focus for us, that we talk about in our weekly district meetings. The last one was consecration and this new one is going to be the Holy Ghost and his role in every aspect of our lives. So that's what the whole Zone Conference was about. Which was insanely long by the way. It was from 9:30 to 4:00.  One thing that really stuck out to me was President was talking about how he had a mountain bike and for a long time he only knew about one set of gears that the mountain bike had and one day as he was riding, he found out that there were way more gears than he knew about and that he had had this really nice mountain bike but was living below his privelege. He related that to us a members of the church. We have the gift of the Holy Ghost but don't really try to use that gift for all it is worth. So that will be my goal for the next couple transfers is seeking out the parts of the gift of the Holy Ghost that I have been under-utilizing.

Also there is a book that is part of the missionary library called "Our Search for Happiness"  It's KILLER!  It's really simple and explains really well everything that we believe in like 100 pages.  So good. I would get it and give it to someone! I want like 8 copies to send to people. You should for real check it out!

Also guess what! I'm turning 20 in a couple months!  They sang me "happy birthday" at the Zone Conference.  I started thinking about that last night and holy guac! I am so not ready to not be a teenager anymore! Haha it's so dumb but it's seriously weirding me out!

Well I love you!
Have a swell week!


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