Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Erin's good stuff for the week :)

hello mamma dear!

I love our family. fact. im so glad everyone is doing so good! and yes i got your "heads up" game me and sister frischknecht (that's my new companion, i dont remember if i told you that's her name) lurve it. you thought of quite a few things but we went through them all in a day:) 

the super bowl was honestly insane. even since i've been up here everything is blue and green. everything. and when the super bowl started there was suddenly like 5 people in church. bishop called us the faithful few, it was good stuff. also the streets were pitch empty. not a single person was on the road. a member showed us later that last play though where they completely choked. so dumb.

but we didn't really have trouble finding a place to go. we had dinner at a members house who told us she HATES, very strongly, football. so we were indeed fed.  and then after the game, this less active family, the Rojas, had us over to teach their son the plan of salvation. he is 9 and has been really upset about the thought of dying lately so his mom had us over to talk about what happens and such. as soon as we got to the part where we die he started crying. it was pretty darn sad.we had a really nice talk about it all though and i hope it brought him some comfort. but he could use some prayers. his name is Eric. 

but anyways they are really good cooks and wanted to feed us so we ate a bunch of their superbowl food. it was so good. also they have a super nintendo and we were talking about the games and stuff and brother Rojas said " have you ever played the Lion King game? I HATE that game!" so that was good to know that its impossible for everyone else as well.  and i was really proud of all the people i saw repping their seahawkes yesterday, even though they lost.

i have a very favorite food that i eat everyday and its vegan (except for the cilantro dressing from trader joes)
its a wrap that includes:

a spinach tortilla
black beans
green onions
and the dressing..................i think thats all. but you should definitely try it.

after i email today i will be attending a lady's funeral in the ward. she passed away this week during an open heart surgery. we had been at her house the day before the surgery talking to her about it and asking if there was anything we could do and such. and then she died the next day. i had only met her the one time but i had never experienced that before. talking to someone one day, and them being gone the next day. that was a new one for me. her husband could use some prayers as well. his name is Matt.

I'm so excited for Ben! and i talked to bethany and she is so excited she doesn't report till the end of april, i guess i'm the only one who didn't get a 4 month mission call :)  and kenz is working on her papers too. so awesome. 



Hello my dad!!

wahoo! addey is killin it. more that the seahawkes are! and i'm glad everyone is doing good and figuring out salt from sugar and such.

TIM'S BAPTISM WAS ON SATURDAY. it was awesome. honestly so beautiful. the talks were great and there was so much love in the room.tim was glowing and hes not a very outwardly excited person but you could just sea the peace and happiness in his eyes. in convert baptisms the missionaries give the first lesson of the restoration kind of like as a talk while the baptizee is getting changed. and tim wanted me to have a part so we decided me and sister halford would do that which was stressfull all week because we had no time to practice, so when i got there and saw the program, sister halford had put her and her new comp doing that ( just because they could practice and it was easier). so they had me being the chorister and saying a prayer and bearing my testimony. i was up there aLOT. felt like the star of the show. haha -- just kidding, but it was great.

we have an investigator who is getting baptized next week whose name is Ted. and he is 75. he is so dang humble and sweet and adorable. he says the word jeepers a lot, which i love. i just love him. he came to tim's baptism with us. when the actual baptism happened he whispered "that was beautiful" to me. there was a musical number at the baptism with a violin, a flute, and a piano. he loved it and asked them if they would do that same number next week at his. so cute. i'm so excited for him. and he is really really excited too.

i don't know if i mentioned that kaul moved to california? we were reaaly questioning weather he would actually try or be able to hook up with the missionaries there but they called sister halford and told her he is still looking to be baptized to that's GREAT news!



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