Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Car Accidents and Baptisms

Hey mamma:)

I love that story about Bob and the ukulele. I started missing mine so bad this week!

By the way if you ever wanted to send me music I love:

The Lower Lights (band)
Lamb of God - by Rob Gardner
The Forgotten Carols? I think we used to listen to that?

Dead lions is fun for all ages! I could destroy at that game right now. Ever since the car wreck Sister Frischknect and I have been SO TIRED. I didnt know that was a thing but it is undeniable.

So yes the car did indeed crash and I dont really know how to describe how it happened effectively, so I'm not going to try. Sorry! But it was definitely the other girls fault so that was a new one for me:)  But they made us go to the urgent care the next day to get checked out and we were diagnosed both with "neck strains" and prescribed muscle relaxers.  So that should be fun. Good news though: the girl that hit us, I had totally talked to before at the library and we had a good long conversation. and now since she "ran into us" again, I'm pretty dang sure God is telling us she needs to be taught. So since she is YSA, I'm going to get Sister Halford on it!

You should send me some more healthy recipes.  That would be good for sure. We get fed everyday in the family ward.  Which is for sure a good way to meet the members but I really miss coming home, and making my own food, and doin' my own thing, and not eat 4000 calories at the same time.  Haha

There IS other excitment you should know about!  Me and el companion sang a duet in sacrament meeting this week!  The music coordinator didn't even ask us if we could sing or if we would do it. She just told us we were and to pick a song. So we did. We sang Savior, Redeemer of my Soul - composed by Rob Gardner. Sister Eaton got the arrangement for us and we practiced like twice and got people to play violin and piano with us and it didn't even sound half bad. What do ya know?

Oh and as for your requests:

Best part of the week: Ted was really excited when we talked about the temple this week and is really determined to have us there when he goes through. So that was cute:)

Ward: Really cute wards. I'm over two, have I mentioned that?  They are called Crestwood and Lake Sawyer. Crestwood is pretty old and the gospel principles class is pretty quiet. It always reminds me of the bingo part on Hotel Transylvania. And Lake Sawyer is really young and fun:)

District: My district is pretty fun. We have the zone leaders Elder Hilton and Elder Wilcox in our district. Elder Wilcox is really social and funny and Elder Hilton is more serious. And then my district leader Elder Thomas is awesome.  He is in a tri-companionship and one of his companions comes from an island somewhere and is brand spankin new and is just learning english. And the other one is visa waiting. He is actually called to Taipei Taiwan.  I think thats how you spell it? So they are all speaking different languages at this piont. But still pluggin' along. So dang cute! And that's the whole district. Plus us!

Love you a bunch!  Erin

Hello my fahduh!

I needed that spiritual insight for sure! I think everyone does but as a missionary trying really hard, I tend to need to be remind myself that "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me"

So some cool things happened this week!

Eric Rojas, I think I mentioned him last week, is a 9 year old afraid of dying lately, which is really sad. When we talked to him last week I gave him a picture of Jesus and told him he could look at it and not be scared.  So then yesterday a week later, I went to his house and his mom told me that he had told her that one night he was scared in his bed and got out the picture and hugged it and he said he felt a hand on his shoulder and wasn't scared anymore and was able to go back to sleep.  So that was so good! 

Also TED GOT BAPTIZED!! Mom asked me to tell her, but I forgot to tell her that that guy in the picture closest to sister Frischknecht is Brother Dent. He is Ted's doctor and the person that fellowshiped him.  He baptized and confirmed him and gave the talk on the Holy Ghost. Twas too cute. Ted is just so dang sweet and wanted to bare his testimony but didn't know what to say all day and he was really nervous about it but didn't know what to say.  And then he said after his baptism he just felt so full of love and gave the sweetest testimony ever. And President Eaton came and spoke and it was really just great!

Also Addey is the coolest person I know! Of course her team is undefeated!

love ya!


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