Tuesday, January 27, 2015

New Area: Lake Sawyer and ??

Hey Mamma,

Did Sister Graney call you yesterday? haha. (yes, Erin asked a lady in her ward to call me yesterday and let me know that letters would be delayed a day this week)  They told us last week that they didn't want any worried moms calling the mission office but then I forgot to tell ya that for like this week and the next 2 weeks  P-day is on Tuesday because of temple trips!  What what!  I just got back and mom, the Seattle temple is beautiful. So darn stinking pretty.  I loved it.  And on the bright side, its only a year till I get to go back!  (I sense a little sarcasm there)

The family ward honestly is kind of depressing, people all day tell us how hard they're lives are. And they actually are all pretty hard.  It's kind of an adjustment because in the YSA we just played games all the time. I mean yes, sometimes you lose and someone else gets the box of Milkduds but that's as hard as i like life to get. ;)

There's this guy though named David Orange that we're teaching and he refuses to call missionaries by their last names so he just calls me Erin, which is so weird and funny.  He told me why but I don't know how to explain it back in a way that makes sense, but anyway he's funny and makes us stand in his driveway for our lessons.  I also don't know the reasoning for this. 

The place I'm living now is a little cottage like 10 feet away from a lake.  It's really cute. Some members own it and let us live in it.  And there are otters in the lake!  So dang cute.  Also I love our family. :)

Sorry for the short letter but I am quite tired today.

Love you a lot!

Sister Orr

Hey Dad! 

I only have 3 minutes but I'm going to type fast!  Transfers are crazy.  But I think the wards I'm in now are really missionary minded and have really great and dedicated ward mission leaders.  I think i forgot to mention that I am in 2 wards now so that means church all day which is new but good!  Also I've seen way more kids in the past week that  I have since I've been out and they are so stinkin cute.  I've only met with a few investigators and the work seems like its going kind of slow in these wards but don't worry I'll pick it up!

LOVE Sister Orr

p.s. I quite care about Addey's undefeated basketball team. She is awesome!

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