Tuesday, January 20, 2015

I love these letters!!!!! :)

Hello my mom!

Its good to know that Addey is a baller  and that everyone else is blind. I am dying about Emily's inability to see. So dang funny! This week sounds so fun! Let me know what happens with Em's art contest and Addey's soccer team. Sounds so fun!

Last week for Pday, me and Sister Halford went to Ikea just to walk around because that is apparently her favorite activity. We need to start doing that because it is actually delightful. Also we went to JIMI HENDRIX GRAVE! It was the best decision I have ever made. it was like this big stone gazebo shrine with his face carved into it a bunch of times. And there was two guys in it sitting there  and one was playing his guitar. He literally does nothing else than sit there all the time and play Hendrix songs. He does it so much that he knows Jimi's whole family and played at his moms funeral. Also while we were sitting in there a bunch of kids walked up and layed down some coins and guitar picks and incense down on the table in repect or something and walked away. It was kind of hilarious.

Also this week since my eyebrows were getting TERRIBLE and I couldnt wax them my comp plucked them for me. And she actually did a good job. She had been wanting to for a couple weeks and so one night when I layed on the floor after our nightly planning sesh, she snuck up on me with some tweezers and hacked away. It was some delightful companionship bonding.

But now guess what. I'M GETTING TRANSFERRED! Not expected. usually when your training you will have one trainer and one area. But nope not me. It's ok though, I'm really good friends already with my next trainer. She's only one transfer ahead of me so her training just barely ended. Like today. So crazy. But I'm going to still be in Kent but in the Lake Sawyer ward. Which is the ward President Eaton is in so thats crazy! I think he reads my emails and saw that the old ladies freaked me out a little and decided i need more of that in my life.  (She must be talking about the email she sent home talking about all of the old ladies that they met with)

Also I know you read this in Becky's letter but I really want to reiterate the beauty of Wasabi Ranch Snapea Crisps. They are at Winco and probably other places. And they are amazing. Also the cilantro dressing from Trader Joes is life changing.

So I texted Tim last night and told him I was getting tranfered but not to worry because the church is still true and his is what he said:

"...I know its true and I'm definitly sure. I had a dream last night and I cant remember every specific detail and wish I would have written it down as soon as I  got up. But I prayed for a sign and I got it."

I was so dang happy that he knows how to seek and recognize revelation. He is so strong. His baptismal date had to be pushed back a week. He is a chef and I guess it got heated up in the kitchen and some guy was throwing knives so Tim had to release the stress. (I'm sure she means that he smoked some cigarettes) So its going to be on th 31st now. But I'll still get to go!

I dont know if any of the girls in our family are planning on going on a mission but I have come to realize the point of scripture mastery. They are literally for missions. Every scripture is perfect for teaching. So that is new and valuble information!



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