Monday, January 12, 2015

Letters to Mom and Dad 1/12/15

Hi mother dear!

Guess what?! I GOT YOUR PACKAGE! Holy Moly. (Her Christmas gift -- an INDO Board -- finally arrived)  Its probably the best/randomest Christmas gift ever received by a missionary. PLEASE tell my that y'all all tried it before you sent it to me. I'm so stinking happy about this. Also I know that this is the exact one that I was on when I went to Rexburg. (it isn't) So how the even heck did you get it from her roommate? My comp was playing on it for the first time and almost killed herself, just kidding but we thought she broke her leg for a minute. But she was completely fine like 5 minutes later so were all good there! 

But, yes, transfers are next week and President keeps telling my comp to make sure I know the area so that's a little scary, especially considering I have no sense of direction and our area is huge! But we found out he's been telling a lot of people that so I'm less worried, but still. I'm glad Em is doing good -- stitches wise and eye candy wise. I keep forgetting that Emily's home so I can just write her letters. I will do this when I get home! Also I'm so excited for you to be a sub! (I have signed up to be a school and seminary substitute teacher) That sounds like the funnest job ever! You will do great just remember to be a chill sub. Kids will like you and tell their teacher to request you. Don't get all crazy on them like you always told me you would if you were in charge ;)

Thanks for the complements on my spanish. It's from all the time I've spent in taquerias. Tacos and horchata are actual my diet and I'm glad to know that I could get by down in Mexico.

So this week we went up to south Seattle for the first time. It's like a half hour drive and still in our area. Every literal person up there is Asian. Who knew? Except for this one black family we saw.  They were so cute though. Me and my companion were just waiting to cross the street and this family walked by and the lady asked if we were handing out flyers so naturally we pulled out a restoration pamphlet and talked to her for a little bit. While we were talking I heard the dad say to his little boy "They look like angles don't they?". So dang cute.  Jared's letter today was telling me not to go up to south Seattle. Oops:)  I saw the best view of Mt. Ranier while I was there!

I'm so sorry about the cold.  Luckily up here its been quite nice. Also thank you for the sandwich recipe!  I quite appreciate it:) 

I wish that we got to watch the devotional!  None of our investigators could come so we decided our time would be better spent somewhere else but hopefully I'll get to watch it soon!

Love you so so so so much!

Thanks for being my favorite mom!

LOVE Sister Orr

ps. Could I get Kenzie's address and Bethany Myers email address please?

Hey Dad!!

Hope you're having fun in Chicago!  Don't forget my popcorn!
Yeah, Tim is so awesome and I am so excited for him!  It was so cool.  On Monday, before FHE we saw him again and he told us that right after church after he got to work he could still feel the spirit so strong and he threw his pack of cigarettes away. He said he was amazed at himself for throwing 7 whole dollars in the trash but he knew it was right and that there would never be a cigarette between his lips again. It was so cool because our investigators have to be living the commandments for 3 weeks before they get baptized and that happened to be the 3 week mark for him. So he'll definitely get to be baptized on the 24th.  Later we told him the questions that he would  be asked at his baptismal interview.  He passed with flying colors except for he had no idea who Thomas S. Monson was.  So the theme of our next lesson was living prophets. haha.  He is so dang great.

We haven't seen Chelsey in quite some time. She's been sick/ taking care of sick family.  Plus she lives out of our area so we cant just pop bye and see her.  Hopefully soon though!

Kaul moved to California.  So we don't get to teach him anymore but hes told several people apparently that he still really wants to be baptized  and is going to continue talking to the missionaries down there.

Sad news. We had to drop one of our investigators, Jurparis, this week.  He completely knows the church is true and he has been meeting with missionaries for like a year and a half but tells us that he is unwilling to change.  It seriously felt like a break up.  So lame. I just don't understand the logic.

So pray for him too:)

Have some quality Chicago days!

LOVE Sister Orr

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