Monday, December 29, 2014

12/29/14 Letter

Happy Birthday Dad!  I think you're turning 46 this Saturday?  Have a good one! And HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!  So fun. Mom you are so stinking adorable with your candlelit surprises and such.

Thanks for praying for my investigators, I need it. Haha. Maybe if you pray for them it will help me teach better :)   They are so stinkin' awesome.  You should pray for Chelsey and Lee and Jurparis as well. They don't have baptism dates yet but they all totally could!  You wanted to hear one of their stories? One of my investigators is named Chelsey and she works at like a truck stop. One day this really awesome guy in our ward named Kenny walked in and started talking to her about the gospel and invited her to church.  She had grown up going to church and seminary a bunch with her friends so she was familiar and still pretty interested in the church .  She dosen't actually live in our ward boundaries but we are allowed to teach where the fellowship is technically. The missionaries where she lives should really do the teaching so we tried to hook her up with them (I wasn't actually around for this part) but they just couldn't make it work or something. So by the time we just decided to teach her, she had already been to church like 6 times and knows basically everything. we have only been able to teach her the one time before she went out of town for Christmas. But at that time she told us she had already decided that she was going to make her decision to be baptized or not by the end of the month which is in like 3 days!  SO hopefully we get to meet with her tonight before FHE,  And if not well see her there anyways.  So excited to here what she says!

For the spiritual notes of life you should read the talk " I Stand All Amazed" by Elder Holland. It is the actual bomb! 

And yes I am SO grateful for the Washington winter as opposed to any other winter I've ever experienced. It is so nice and green. Not warm. But not cold. 

Have a quality birthday dad!


Seester Erin Orr

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