Thursday, December 11, 2014

The Eagle Has Landed

Before the letters:  I received this great picture of Erin's....I mean Sister Orr's....district at the MTC from a friend who's son is also in this district.  Thanks LeAnn Ostler for posting and Elder Ostler for sharing!

Hey Mamma:)

just real quick i get to email ya, so im here!! i got to the mission home yesterday and we had lunch and took a nap (which was so cute). After a little devotional all the new missionaries just took different spot around the house and slept for like an hour or two. we needed it though cause we had to wake up at 2 am to make the plane. then we went over to the church and met our companions and got our areas. so my companions name is sister Halford and she is super pretty and a great missionary and from Gilbert Arizona.  we are over the James Hill YSA ward. so idk if that was one of the wards Jared was in to but i dont remember hearing him say anything about it. its definitely dark and rainy here. so dark and so rainy. also i lost my ability to type so sorry about this, i feel kind of pathetic (as a typer, i mean)
also yesterday i was freaking out a little and i cried for the first time since i got to the MTC so when we got to the Mission Home and wrote quick letters home mine was pretty negative so don't worry when you get it. i was just having a freak out day. talking on the phone yesterday made me so happy cant wait for three more weeks to do it again! i'm glad everyone's doin so good!

love you a bunch

Sister Erin Orr

Erin meeting President and Sister Eaton

Hey Dad

thanks for the email! i wish i got to talk to you on the phone yesterday! unfortunately at the airport all the payphones were taken and my and my companion had to divie up our time on some nice ladies cell phone so we didn't get very long. moral of the story is the salt lake airport needs more payphones so every missionary can spend a respectable amount of time talking to la familias. i told mom all bout my arrival but i didnt tell her about that day. so i went home and unpacked a little and then we went out and talked to a few people we had lessons with. the first was a guy named Findley. he's like 24 and a less active member and hes pretty quiet but cool and his mom is so excited for us to talk with him. and then we talked to these two Kenyan ladies that we didn't actually have an appointment with but we wanted to meet with one of their daughters so we stopped by. she wasn't home but these two kenyan ladies invited us in a spoke at us for like ever about martin luther and how our faiths can't mix. it was great. any ways for dinner i just ate some steamed veggies in the car on the way to those appointments. so great. we had one earlier today and then three more tonight! jumpin right in!

LOVE you and can feel your prayers!

love, Sister Erin Orr

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