Thursday, December 25, 2014

This Week's Letter and Christmas Skyping :)

Monday, December 22nd

I'm so excited to talk with y'all on Thursday! I think we decided on 4:00 my time so I don't know what that is Utah time but figure it out and plan on me facetiming ya! Unfortunately I don't have much information on what I'll be facetiming you from so it could be a computer or a phone and I'm not sure what to do about that situation so I might just have the people I'm eating with set it up and have em call you to do that or something. But yes 4:00 is the time :) and, Dad, you should probably send me some Chicago style popcorn when you're up there next week, that would be the Christ-like thing to do:) And I love that Tad R. Callister talk. Actually I love all his talks. He is the actual bomb.  I'm sure you've watched that "He is the Gift" video right?  I'm pretty sure its like everywhere but that just might be because I watch it around 14 billion times a day.  But it is honestly awesome and its been making me think about Jesus's condescension a lot and how he was humble enough to go from God-like to baby born in a barn as a gift to of all the rest of the world. He truly is the greatest gift ever given, but its our job to receive the gift.  Have a fun Christmas week with everyone together it will be so fun! (especially when you get to talk to me).
LOVE, Sister Erin Orr

Thursday, December 25th 

Today we were able to skype with Erin for about 40 minutes.  40 minutes of us all being together for Christmas.  It was the best part of the day.  She looked WONDERFUL!  Pretty and happy and full of joy!!  We talked about just about everything.  It was THE BEST!!!

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