Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Sprinting to the Finish and Milking Goats

hey mom!

this week has been a great one! 

Omar is going really awesome and is cutting back on coffee. weaning off. it amazes me the willingness people have to change when they are reading the book of Mormon. it changes things drastically. he has great friends in the ward and stayed for the full 3 hours for the first time yesterday.

we got to meet pesenga, who was our referral that wants to be baptized. she is hard to catch but when we do she seems so solid. its kind of tricky just dropping by her house because she is rarely home and every single time we run into her stepdad who wants to save us. his name is pastor al. he begs us to follow him in prayer so we can accept Jesus into our lives and be saved. its so awkward saying we don't want to do that. he always looks so sad. but i love getting to testify of Christ's true and living church! he doesnt' super seem to get that though...

i can't say I'm a master goat milker but i have definitely tried. I'm not actually bad i just need to work on my aim! haha. luckily i will get to practice because we get to help twice a week for the rest of my mission! such a fun experience! we get the full farm experience! cleaning poop, collecting eggs, feeding animals. the dude offered to let us help him butcher a bunny. maybe someday i can handle that... i will send pics next week. the goats name is finney:)

we had a very culture-y day on Saturday. our dinner appointment fell through so we just went to a Mexican place we had coupons to, then we went to cheyanne's but she wasnt' home so as we were walking home we saw some people who were carrying a bunch of stuff in to a party so we offered to help. turns out it was a big Ethiopian graduation party. they wouldn't let us leave until our plates were FULL of food. which was fun to try Ethiopian food. it was pretty good. there was one dish of raw beef that we steered clear from! then we went to teach our sweet Muslim family and they made us a bunch of afghan food! we were so stinking stuffed by the time we got home. we did 5 minutes of jumping jacks in an attempt to puke or at least burn some calories. our calves are still sore from that. 

we exchanged with the sister training leaders. so i got to go with sister young. that was fun! we met a man who was juggling in the park who happened to be contemplating all the perfect questions! we had a great conversation! his name is jim we will teach him more this coming week! also since we exchanged i had a chance to get stuff to suprise sister northrup. today is her bday! since we are always together i could never surprise her so the exchange was great for that! i had libby run to the store and grab a bunch of birthday stuff and i hid it and then i set it all up and surprised her this morning! she is 20 today! so fun! we are trying to figure out something fun to do! 

we got to teach miguel this week and he seems really sincere. we haven't heard much from him since but we will hope for the best!

we had a really great lesson about repentence this week with libby and the less active members she lives with. that is something i just want to empahsize way more.

this next week us and the elders are going to do a 5th sunday presentation for the whole ward to introduce the new ward mission plan we have been working on! pray for us!

good luck with the sandwich shop! i will be there to help soon! way cool that addey is planning on getting her patriarchal blessing so soon!

i love ya mom! I cant believe i have been gone for over a year and a half! insane!

k well i hope you have the best week!

LOVE erin

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