Wednesday, May 18, 2016

May 16th: 4 weeks to go and so many good things

hey mom :)

this week was a little slower but the good things that happened were great!

like we met a lady who has a full blown farm going on in her back yard and she hurt her back so we get to do service for her by milking her goats! so excited!

also our investigator Omar is the actual coolest. he went all the way to Bellevue to the Deseret book to get the book of Mormon audio on cd. well actually first he went to the christian bookstore here in town and basically got torn up when he asked about the book of mormon!( poor guy!) but he is cool and took it in stride. he is reading and feeling the spirit and is really really excited about what he is learning and feeling. He reminds me of Libby in that he is so close to the spirit already and just knows this is right as soon as he hears it. He is on date to be baptized on the 4th!

we also got back in touch with Cheyenne yesterday. we have barely gotten to see her since she had her baby.and good news! she and her boyfriend are breaking up and she is moving to Portland. that might not sound like good news but she is excited to keep learning about the church and to keep the commandments which being with this guy makes really really hard! so we get to teach her for like another month and a half before she goes which will be good!

also we have been teaching a less active lady and we taught her the word of wisdom and she gave us her coffee. then a couple days later she called us and asked us to pick up the coffee she hadn't given us because she was for real done this time! and she has been good since then! infact she has set a date to come back to church and is planning a "return to church" barbecue for afterwards! so cute! 

we also had a zone conference this week. it was amazing, it was all about repentance and i learned so much. mostly about how repentance is the process by which we become new creatures, beings who are able to live in the presence of God and have all that he has. how we dont just repent to get clean hands but also to get a pure heart. it is a transformation! it removes the bad and makes the good better! so cool! we are focusing on helping converts repent, which should always be the focus. so im just super grateful for this training. also since it was my last zone conference i had to bear my testimony to all the missionaries. so that was fun.

it was also my last mission devotional last night! it was fun to be sure! last time im seeing so many friends!

im so excited to see this new house and see the stars in morgan!

OH! also i got my travel info today! did you get it?? i will be arriving in salt lake at 2:05 pm on june 13th :)

Good luck with the move! 

Have the best week! i love you quite a bit!

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