Wednesday, May 18, 2016

May 9th

hey mom!

yes its been too long! :)

i forgot to update you on our investigators yesterday! they are amazing! our awesome ones are pretty new to us. we just dropped quite a few people we had been working with for a while. they just weren't progressing. anyways so the new ones...

we have been teaching this guy, Omar for a couple weeks. he is so awesome! it was kind of a fluke how we met him! we knocked on his neighbors door  which is like inches from his. and we heard a knock come from the inside of his door. and he goes "identify yourself!" and we considered running away but we were just like "uh, the missionaries" and he come out laughing saying he was just messing with us. anyways he said he would come to church. and he did! and we taught him the restoration which was great! he likes the "environment" at church (aka the spirit). he is really doing great and looking forward to his next lesson!

we got a text today from the zone leaders for a referral we get to teach! it basically said she wants to be baptized and sealed to her family in the temple! i am so stoked! this is what happens when you keep working hard through slow weeks! basically my dream come true!

we also got another referral for a man named Miguel who seems so cool! a member of the lake sawyer ward called to give it to us! and he remembered me! we get to teach him for the first time tonight!

we taught a 16 year old girl last night for the first time and she committed to be baptized! woot woot! her name is yoseli

ok. we have been trying forever to have a lesson with this girl tristan who was baptized when she was 13 and wasnt active for long at all and dosent remember anything about the church. she is 25 now with a family. we finally got to teach her this week. and just taught like she had never heard the gospel before. it was such a sweet lesson! she prayed with us and got choked up because it had been so long since she prayed. i love teaching people who already have the gift of the holy ghost :) it was really great! we are hoping to teach her husband too!

also there is an old lady named shirley who we are teaching who is convinced i look exactly like one of her ancestors and that we are family. no one else thinks i look like her but i am going to check family search!

before i forget to tell you, there was only one brand new sister who came out to the mission and i was talking to her at choir practice today and she was like "whats your name " and i told her and he got all excited cause i looked familiar and apparently she had read the whole blog you had been doing! hah! she loves it and says you're funny! im excited to see this blog someday!

i think thats about it! 

Love you so much!

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