Wednesday, May 18, 2016

May 3: Last Transfer

hello my favorite mom! 

you won your bet:) im staying federal way! sister northrup is staying too! mixed feelings about that. i love federal way and her but i was really hoping for some change. i figured out this morning that its only 42 days though. and i can do anything for that long:) i am really excited to sprint to the finish! im setting goals and making plans  to work my butt off this next 6 weeks! stoked!

i will answer you questions 1st:

i am good for whenever on mothers day. we will be out of church at 2 on sunday. would 4 work for you? i guess that would be 3 your time or should we try for earlier?let me know asap!!

as for summer plans i would really love to do anything that involves swimming:) alot of swimming is my hope for the summer!

libby got some help from people who set up her familysearch profile. but they didnt give it to her so we are working on retrieving tht and then maybe you can help!

um im not sure about china. there are pros and cons i guess. if i go the pros are that it would be way fun to do with em. and it would be a super cool adventure and look good on applications and things i think. cons are that church attendance might be difficultish. missing christmas and getting home tightly before school.

staying  and going to school would be good. concerns there are money( well i guess thats a concern either way. i dont know if im going to be able to get much of a job before china anyway) and missing the adventure.. but i really do miss school and it would be better transition mode to set me up for lifelong activity in the church i think. which is most important. that sounds dramatic but a lot of people fall off when the get back from their missions. and i just dont want an excuse to do that:)

im happy with either. what are your thoughts?

we made a lot of cookies this week too but not for any kind of benefit to us. i am sick! our young women were doing fund raiser for girls camp and selling cookie dough. turns out a bunch of members bought some to give it to us. so we have 5 huge rolls of cookie dough. we baked a whole roll of them yesterday and gave them to christinas family. also the other sisters in our zone's apartment is being fumigated because they got bedbugs so we all have been squish-living in our apartment since wednesday. they will be moving back today though. anyways since the have been living with us we have completely run out of food so all we have are the cookies. this is why im sick. i ate to salads yesterday just to try to start feeling better. thank goodness we get to go shopping today! only veggies for the whole transfer im thinking will fix me!

but it has been way fun to have the sisters with us! one of them, sister ketchum, and i have been friends for a long time and she just went home yesterday! that was sad! but sister baxter was companions with both of us anfd she is getting married in utah in june or july so we will get to see eachother there! :)

 im glad you miracle got my letter!  maybe just invite people to my talk who ask to come... :)

we taught this guy named omar who is a miracle and talked about family history cause thats something he is really into. he mentioned before we even brought up the temple that that is something he really wants to see! then he came to church and a big theme of sacrament meeting was temples so that was cool! we havent talked much since then but im excited to hear what he thought!

we got to teach monique who is amazing!

christinas kids and us all fasted for the dads heart to be softened so kuol could be baptized. it was thier first fast ever. they are so great! we told kuol about the temple. and he was way excited. we came back to teach his mom a couple days later. and she said kuol had asked if he could lie to us that he was 12. (he just turned 10) so he could go to the temple.ha! it cracks me up that he asked permission to lie. he such a good kid!

we found some awesome people this week! good things are happening.

i cant remember the other things. but i love ya!


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