Saturday, September 12, 2015

"Ask and Act"

Sister Orr, Sister Baxter, and one of the "twins with cameras" 

Hey mom! Happy Labor Day:)

Sounds like a fun weekend! Our labor day weekend was the same as all our other weekends. #missionlife :)

We did get to set up for a wedding reception this week as service which was fun! A girl in our ward just got married to one of Sister Halford's best friends! I loved that! Also yesterday we did service for this lady who had boxes of food storage all over the floor of this one room and asked us if we could organize it and just basically convert the bedroom into a food storage pantry. The only thing in the room was a big shelf across one wall so naturally we filled that up first. When we were all done she came in and said she wanted to put backpacks and stuff on that shelf. What the even heck? This lady is single and old. She does not even need a backpack. Much less several backpacks. So anyways we will have another day to get to go back and take the stuff off the shelf and find somewhere else for it.

We were seriously out of food this week. I have never had a more empty fridge. We had to get creative with food making. Someone gave us a few duck eggs just for fun  and I found some pancake mix so I decided to make pancakes with those.  We didn't have any milk but I did have some "peachy almond" Naked juice that expired in July. It didn't seem like it was really gone bad so I used it and added some cinnamon and nutmeg. They were pretty darn good but it was probably the weirdest mixture of foods I have ever eaten!

We had an awesome lesson with Jack this week. We texted Brother Russell to see if he could join us. He had come to our first lesson and was awesome,but he never texted back so we stopped by and invited Brother Santos and he agreed to come. So we were there with Brother Santos and then like halfway through the lesson, Brother Russell shows up! We thought it might overwhelm Jack to have such a crowd of people but he just rolled with it! He really likes both of them! We get to teach him again tonight so that will be good!

Addey is probably the most involved person ever. She is so cool. 

I can't believe Aubri is about to be driving. Are you KIDDING? There is a kid I want her to marry. His name is Mason Blue. I don't know if he is on facebook but y'all should try to find him. I love him so much!

I didnt get any packages yet but we have a zone meeting tomorrow so I will probably get them there:) Excited! 

We had a good lesson with Chelsea about the Plan of Salvation this week. It was actually kind of a 2-part lesson. She is really soaking everything up. She reads and tries to understand as much as she can. We told her we could hook her up with the missionaries in Arizona and she got so excited and relieved. She was worried she wouldn't be able to find them. Also she had her mom find an LDS church down there for her to go to :) 

Seahawks season is starting up again which means everyone around here loses their heads. Seriously the state of Washington is painted blue and green. EVERYWHERE!

Oh, if you go to there may be a picture of me:)  (that's the one up top)

Love you so much! 

Sister Erin Orr

Hey Dad!

I love that em just explored San Francisco by herself! I feel like on the mission we have so many rules that I don't feel super independent a lot of the time. So hearing things like that are so impressive to me:)

For the record, I'm always interested in Chicago style popcorn!

Way to be a member missionary! I don't know if I have mentioned this before but that is exactly one of the ways we encourage members to be member missionaries! Be honest and don't shy away from giving God the glory! People have questions and comments that can a lot of the time be honestly answered with sharing a bit of the gospel. We sometimes get scared or like you mentioned, just not wanting to delve into it. But stretching ourselves that little bit brings us and whoever we are sharing with, closer to Christ!

We started talking to this guy this week who is seriously searching for the true church! He has been looking into it for a long time and knows that it all comes back to authority! He has a serious fatal flaw in his research though. He believes paying attention to our personal thoughts and feelings regarding what is right is whats has caused all the corruption in the churches, and that we can really only know what is right by looking at the facts and an outside authority. What he needs to know is you need both. You cant only pay attention to your thoughts and feelings without seeking out truth and facts and studying the Savior. And you cant receive the confirmation of the spirit of truth if you will only allow yourself to believe provable facts. ASK and ACT! It's the key to knowing!

Welp dad, have a quality week! :)

I love you!

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