Thursday, September 17, 2015

10 months on Saturday :)

Hey Mom :)

I got the packages! They are GREAT! So many random and useful things! Twas perfect. Me and Sister Baxter especially loved to cookies:)

Our lesson yesterday in Relief Society was also about chastity. It was interesting for sure. The lady teaching served her mission in Italy where apparently billboards are super graphic. She described quite a few of them with quite a bit of detail. I still don't know why, haha, but I'm glad your lesson went well! 

We didn't end up going to Ranier today cause apparently it was supposed to be rainy and foggy there. So we are planning on next week! Pray for a nice day!

So there was some drama this week when we were teaching/helping Chelsea pack for Arizona. She had some stuff going on.  So, we said a prayer together that it would be clear in Chelsea's mind what she should do. We then left and I haven't heard yet what happened, I'm about to email her though. I mostly hope that she has met up with the missionaries there and that they get along and that she is still learning and loving the gospel! She told us before we left that her life has taken a turn in the right direction and she plans on keeping it that way:)

When we were working at the food bank this week, we got assigned to hang out with this girl Joyce and work on stuff together. She is super cool and YSA age! We aren't supposed to really share the gospel while we are working there but we slipped some things in and invited her to hike with us today! She was going to come and then we all ended up not going! I was stoked to teach her the gospel on a mountain! But that will still hopefully happen next week!

We found this guy last week named Ed and we just had a restoration lesson with him on the spot. He connected the dots really fast and cried and loved everything we were telling him. We talked about being baptized and he said when he learned more he would be! He talked about how when he was a baby he was baptized in a catholic church and asked if he needed to be baptized again. So we talked more about the priesthood power and how it needs to be done by the proper authority and such. It was an awesome lesson! He was going to be out of town for a while so we decided to meet up when he gets back.

... here is the weird part. We were looking at our ward roster and he is on there! Same address. Same name. Eveything. We talked to bishop who looked at his record and found out that not only is he baptized. He is an elder and has gone through the temple and is sealed to some lady.  So that was confusing as heck. Wish me luck figuring that out!

Bob's birthday sounds delicious! I'll send her a letter today! 

LOVE you so much! Thanks for being my favorite mom!

Love, Sister Erin Orr

Hey Dad! 

Looking forward to the Chicago popcorn :)

So I went to dinner at these peoples house this week and they have this thing. It doesn't have a name yet so I got to help name it. But its like a segway without handles. it was SO fun! I'm a stinkin' natural at it too. I think I gained some balance skills from that Indo board.  Basically I'm practicing so I can go with you and Addey paddle boarding when I get back! 

A less active kid that I have been working with forever came to church finally today! Yay! We just have to get his mom now! I just love them both so much! Pray for Kyle and Mary.

Did you know any Miner's when you served in Orlando? My ward mission leader grew up there and lived there I think while you were there. Just a random question.

Everyone went back to byui this past week so the ysa ward got quite a bit smaller but we still maintained enough for a considerable ward so thats good! We went to institute this week where apparently it was a "get to know the new people kind of" party.  We got people to come outside and play volleyball with us!  It was a grand old time.

Thanks for the scripture! I will for sure check it out:)

LOVE you!!

Love Sister Erin Orr

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