Monday, August 31, 2015

Woops - missed a week - but here's this week's great letter!


(Regarding my note to her that Aubri was trying to pester me while I wrote to her)  Haha, if Bob has been annoying you can send her my way! She has been on my mind all week! I just want to hug that girl! Also I would have LOVED to hear about San Fransisco (Garret and Emily's trip this week) but dad didn't EVEN write me. so what the even heck? 

(Regarding my question to her of who knows a family in our new ward that she'd mentioned) Not my companion but my friend from the mission.  Hermana Natalie Peacock knows one of the Kotter boys.  I cant remember how - maybe swim team? I don't know! but I guess when the ward split he took a picture of my plaque and sent it to her and said "guess who is in my ward now!" Hah! 

Its been super rainy so hopefully thats helping with the fire situation. I haven't heard really, but since its been a "droughty" summer, when the wind and the rain came it blew all kinds of dry branches and pine needles EVERYwhere. The streets look nasty!

I've been working on the bangs situation. Biggest regret of my life. I have accepted that I'm going to look like a 6 year old for a while. WORST. 

(Referring to the pics and video that I sent her of Emily's post-wisdom-teeth-removal goodness) Emily is SO dang cute! I would love to know her thoughts on Niki Manaj and soccer moms! (part of Emily's ramblings - so funny!)  (Regarding Emily getting a sunburn in San Francisco and not appreciating it) Also are you telling me that she has been white by choice all of these years? I thought her skin just didn't absorb sunlight. Geez Louise. 

(Regarding a pic of a Phantom of the Opera cake that I decorated for a 6 year old) Love the cake. Good to know there are other small children that love that stuff, that are not in our family.

We had an awesome lesson with Chelsea last night! We talked about the Book of Mormon and she committed to read 15 minutes everyday! Since we last met she has been watching videos on and re-reading the restoration pamphlet and trying to read to Book of Mormon. Her countenance has definitely lightened and she is recognizing the spirit when she feels it! I don't know if i mentioned but she is moving to Arizona in a few weeks so will probably have to be baptized there. She is moving back to her moms house and Patrick is coming too. I am REALLY hoping that the transition will be good for her spiritual growth and that her family will be supportive of the changes she is making. I am praying for that everyday! She is so awesome and willing to submit to the will of the Lord. She knows thats where happiness is! 

Adam is being flaky. I'm not sure why. Every time we have gotten the chance to talk to him, he assures us that he is very interested and wants to change. but with the last few appointments he has not shown up or answered his phone. It's a super bummer because he needs it so bad! 

OH GUESS WHAT! Remember the 14 year old boy, Austin, that I was teaching in Lake Sawyer?? He got BAPTIZED this week! Woot Woot! 

We also found a guy named Jack this week who is like in his 50s and has a bunch of grown up kids. He is awesome! We were having trouble finding a solid member to bring to our lesson so we just brought a member who was close and available, but that we didn't know very well. Turns out he has an awesome conversion story!! I didn't even know he was a convert! The spirit was so strong! I am so excited to teach him again!

Does middle school have soccer? Is Addey going to try to do that? I will be home for next school year!

Well. hope you have a great non-scatter brained day:)

LOVE you SO much! Thanks for all your support and love!

Sister Erin Orr

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