Thursday, August 13, 2015

Oops, missed a week -- here's Erin's most current letter :)

Hey mamma dear!

I'm glad Addey can read my letters! I can barely read my own handwriting. Did Bob get one too? I believe I sent her one!  

I LOVED talking to grandma! So much fun to hear her voice! 

I got to go to Renton on exchanges with Sister Jeffery this week! We just picked up where we left off and had so much fun! Being in Renton made me miss humble places! Maple Valley is not one of those so its nice to know they are out there!

The trio is fun! We all get along really well!  i did get them to run with me once and one of them just power walked the whole time so we had to get creative and run in circles and stuff so we could stay together and keep running at the same time!

This week was pretty hard, work wise! The good news is that Crystal is back on date for the 22nd! But we had a couple investigators drop us this week. Also not much progression with the ones we are teaching. Also with all the contacting we have done, which is tons, we haven't really found people who want to change. It got pretty discouraging and so I got a blessing from my district leader which was really good! also I just started setting small goals. Like the other day I went out with the intention to just give away one Book of Mormon on our walk to lunch and back. And the second person I talked to is really interested and took it! It was a bomb conversation! So that was a blessing!

I got your package! LOVED IT! Not sure President is going to go for the lemonade stand idea but i'll ask!

LOVE you so much!

Sister Erin Orr

Hey my Fadah!

Turns out the trio is still super fun! And my teaching abilities are getting better now that I have to do so much of it! So thats a blessing!

Also your scripture, D&C 101:16 was exactly what I needed this week. Really perfect. my souls was pretty darn not still about the lack of progression in this ward despite of all our efforts, but that verse is very reassuring that God has a plan for all these people and maybe that plan doesn't involve them being baptized tomorrow like I would have it. He knows how all things should be, and as long as I am working hard every moment, I don't need to stress cause its in His hands!

We got a great referral from some other missionaries for a girl named Miranda! Like her whole extended family are members and all her best friends are too! She is excited to learn and I am so excited to teach!

I hope you have a fun time in San Antonio! 

LOve you!

Sister Erin Orr

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