Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Sweet perspective on Grandma and 1/2 WAY DOWN!!!!!

Hey Mamma Dear,

Sister Eaton did tell me about Grandma this morning. not as in detail as you did but she still did a good job:)  I'm glad, though its a little unexpected, that everyone is at peace. Y'all are in my prayers everyday.  It is transfer day so it just makes sense that my missionary grandma would move to her next area today :).  It's a good day to have the gospel in our lives!  I'm going to miss her hugs but I'm so grateful/excited for my extra companionship!  I super hope everything goes well with traveling and the funeral this week.  Please let me know if there is anything specific I can pray for!

My trio is being broken up today and they are going back to the Cedar River ward and I am staying here in Rock Creek/YSA. I absolutely LOVE the Cedar River ward and the investigators. I am going to miss them so much!  Luckily my YSA boundaries cover that area still so I can pop over and have a chance of running into those people. I quite love them. My new companion is Sister Baxter. I don't know her super well but every time I have talked to her she has like showered me in compliments, so I'm not too sad to be her companion. ;) She also seems really capable as a missionary, so I am stoked to work with her!

Crystal is still set for baptism this Saturday and is technically eligible but I'm not sure if I feel comfortable with her being baptized just yet. She hasn't been to church in a while and has barely read the Book of Mormon. I am going to try to hold off at least a week. We will see what happens.

Miracles have happened this week!!! The past few weeks have been really tough, cause we have been working so hard and talking to everyone and working with members and have been seeing little fruit. but this week we:

-got a referral from the elders who gave us a bomb girl named Miranda to teach.  She is already finished with 1st Nephi and is reading and praying everyday. She is so cool. I'm so blessed to get to teach her.

-contacted into a lady named Susan and just testified about the Book of Mormon and the restored gospel. And she totally got how important is is to read it and find out if its all true! I get to teach her tomorrow -- woot woot!

- started "phone contacting" which is going through the phone contacts and just calling up the names I don't recognize. I just ask how their experience was talking to missionaries in the past. I set a few appointments that I am excited about and cleaned out some names of people who don't want to learn. Win-win! One appointment is with a girl named Chelsea who is the girlfriend of the less-active member Patrick, I mentioned a few weeks ago! She said she had a baptismal date set before and that she still wants to be baptized!  I guess they moved around the same time the missionaries white-washed so they just fell out of contact.  She said her and Patrick have been talking about going back a lot and that
Sunday night she prayed to know which direction to take, and then Monday morning I called her! Seeing the way the Lord uses me is one of my favorite things about being a missionary I think!

You asked about the mission devotional. They have one every months and it travels around the mission.  This past one was in Federal Way. As missionaries we are allowed to go if we either sing in the choir or bring someone we are teaching. I sing in the choir occasionally but this time I didn't. We brought a less active/returning to activity member. So I still got to go. There was a 15 year old girl who testified so dang strong. I love seeing the real intent on investigators parts plus the effort and obedience of missionaries leading to people becoming changed through Christ. It is truly a miracle.

I love you mom!

Sister Erin Orr


I love that restaurant! Did they give you a paper hat? When we visit Washington though, I have to show you where the best ribs ever are!!

President sent me a "half way" letter this week and basically said the same thing! Like, look how far you have come and look how far you can go, type thing. Thanks for reminding me!

Guess what happened this week! We had just gotten to a guys house to do service and he lived up a big hill. So I walked up it and realized I still had my bag on my shoulder so I went back to put it in the car. And I went down a different side of the hill which like went really really steep at the bottom and it had been raining so it was slippery. So when I got there, I of course fell SO hard on the ground. I was wearing running sweats and I couldn't see my legs but I could feel some clear scratches. I thought it was fine though so I just put my bag in the car and went back up the hill to do service and a few minutes later I could feel the the scratches might not be so minor so I rolled up my pants  and I had 3 big gashes in my knee. Such a bummer. So I called Sister Eaton and she said to go find a nurse in one of the wards and ask if i need stitches. So we literally called all the nurses in every ward and no one could look at my leg. So I went to the ward mission leaders house in the Cedar River ward and his wife's sister is a doctor, so they facetimed her in and she said it could go either way. Stitches or not. So I decided to just slap a bandaid or two on it and go stitchless. So that was a fun part of the week.

Another thing we did this week was Zone Conference! It was the best one yet! President is usually like a "work harder, do better." kind of guy, which is good even though sometimes stressful and annoying. This time though he was still super inspiring to be progressing and hardworking but he had so much more love and compassion and it really made the difference. I think a good number of missionaries have been struggling with some discouragement recently. one thing that i really got out of this zone conference is the importance of charity in the work. Charity doesn't come from us, it comes from God. It is the pure love of Christ. Its something we have to pray for always. When we can tap into God love for His children then we can start doing His work right.

Right after Zone Conference, I had my last ward coordination with my YSA ward mission leader and ward missionaries. They are all moving and going to college. So we will be ward mission-less for a while. They are all so fun and I'm going to miss them a lot! We had a pizza party for our last time together!

LOve you! Way to be a missionary!

Sister Erin Orr

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